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Media Center for Aceh

Air [Media Peduli Bencana Tsunami] got a more suitable domain and reinvent itself as: Aceh Media English version available here: Aceh Media [English] domain is also functioning. Courtesy of Thomas at

Several Links

More links on how you can help relief the disaster victims: Tsunami Relief [Google] Tsunami Disaster Relief [eBay] Amazon Honor System [Amazon]

Jambi Aid Center (POSKO)

AID CENTER for Aceh KKI-WARSI, Yayasan SIKOK, dan PKBI Jambi. Jl. Kapt. M. Daud No 48 Jambi

Donation by SMS

Easy way to help the disaster victims without have to get up from your seat. » For XL [exelcomindo] users, since 30 Dec 2004 , you can just send an SMS (named SMS Aceh Donation) to help relieved disaster victims in Aceh and North Sematera Tariff: Prepaid (Jempol & Bebas) : Rp. 5.000/SMS Postpaid (Xplor) : Rp. 5.000/SMS Just type: ACEH and send it to no: 5000 So if you want to donate, say, Rp 500,000 that means good luck sending 100 sms's For more information: [Bahasa Indonesia] » For Telkomsel (Kartu Halo, Simpati, Kartu As), and Telkom Flexi (Flexi Classy dan Flexi Trendy), send SMS to number 2000, with " Peduli Aceh " on the message. You are donating Rp 2000 for each SMS. » For IM3 users send SMS to no 5000 and put "Aceh" on the message to send Rp 5000 as donation for each message.

Samarinda Aid Center (POSKO)

POSKO PEDULI ACEH SAMARINDA Kalimantan Timur Jl Markisa No. 2 Samarinda Telepon: 0541-745344 Kontak Person: Sigit [ 0812 551 5582 ], Faisal K [ 0815 208 0975 ] Rekening: Bank Mandiri Cabang Kesuma Bangsa Samarinda No Rekening: 148.0004351774 an. JARI Indonesia HMI Cabang Samarinda Jl Angklung A/A1 Prevab Samarinda - 75123 - Kalimantan Timur Kontak Person: Rudy [ 0812 530 2457 ] POKJA 30 Jl Danau Maninjau No. 12 Samarinda - 75117 - Kalimantan Timur Telp. 0541-741052 email: Kontak Person: Firdaus Hassan Tayyeb [ 0816 451 9551 ] Complete info:

How Americans and Canadians can send aid to Indonesia

From Tsunami Help For those in US , who want to help the victims in Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy has just put out a press release. Excerpts: For the time being, the victims urgently need, among others, the following items: Food, including instant food [READY TO EAT FOOD] and baby food Body bag Drinking water Generator set Medicines Blankets Tents Cotton Mosquito nets Water buckers Clothes Mattresses Donations and contributions could be directly delivered to the National Coordinating Agency for Natural Disaster and Refugees Relief (Bakornas PBP) . It is advised to have the list of items legalized by the Consular Division of the Embassy of Indonesia (tel. 202-7755314). The address of the Bakornas PBP is as follow: BAKORNAS PBP Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 36 Jakarta Pusat 10110 Tel. (62-21) 3458400 Fax. (62-21) 3505075/3458500 Contact Person: Mr. Sugeng (cellphone: +628164850361) Financial contribution could be made

Looking for someone in Aceh / North Sumatera?

Put it in this forum from Air » Missing Person [Forum] Other way send an email to CNN to be included on their site: » E-mail appeals: Indonesia Or BBC » Missing Person Indonesia Others » Missing People Database - Find information about missing relatives and friends after the earthquake in South East Asia » Tsunami Locator - Links and information to find missing person in all coutries. » Tsunami Missing - Resources, links and post your information on missing person or how to find a missing person. » ThornTree - Lonely Planet Forum - Post here to look for missing person. » Missing Persons - Search or submit [including photos] the person you are looking for [Aceh Media Center]

Official Progress Report from Disaster Area - 30 Dec 2004

Report from Posko Bakornas PBP - 2004-12-30 18:37:14 [National Coordination Body] Source and complete report here: Bulletin No 7; 30 Desember 2004 TOTAL VICTIMS [30 Dec, 10.00 WIB] Dead Korban meninggal sejumlah 45.268 jiwa Missing Korban hilang sebanyak 1.240 jiwa. Injured Korban luka/sakit rawat jalan sebanyak 1542 Korban rawat inap berjumlah 381 orang. Relocated Penduduk yang mengungsi 80.231 jiwa (Depkes) Another 19,.000 (RAPI) CURRENTLY there have been established a POSKO GABUNGAN (Join Command Post) of Depkes, Depsos, PMI [red cross], TNI [army] and POLRI [police dept] that divided the disaster area into 5 work zones. Sektor I : Darussallam meliputi 4 desa [ villages ] Sektor II : Ulele Karing meliputi 6 desa Sektor III : Lambaro meliputi 4 desa Sektor IV : Beurawe meliputi 8 desa Sektor V : Mataie meliputi 5 desa SUPPLY NEEDED Suplai pangan siap santap [ ready meal ] (bukan bahan mentah) sangat diperlukan. Diperlukan bantu

Fund Raising for Aceh in Masjid Istiqlal Jakarta

Aceh Solidarity Night, Prayer and Fund Raising will be held on: Hari : Jum'at [Friday] Tanggal : 31 Desember 2004 Waktu : Setelah sholat Isya' berjama'ah hingga selesa [19.00] Tempat [place] : Masjid Istiqlal, Jakarta Pusat [Istiqlal Mosque] Invited guest: Dr. Hidayat Nur Wahid (Ketua MPR RI), Prof. Dr. Din Syamsudin (SekJen MUI), and more.

Makassar Aid Center (POSKO)

Jurnal Celebes Bank BNI Cabang Mattoangin Makassar No.248.181021462 Contact: Sultan/Rahmad

Surabaya Aid Center (POSKO)

Posko Solidaritas Aceh DPW PKS Jawa Timur Galaxy Bumi Permai Blok H-5 No 6 Surabaya Telp (031) 5993760 dan seluruh kantor DPD PKS se-Jawa Timur. Transfer atas nama PKS BCA No Rek 7600-32-1166 Bank Syariah Mandiri No Rek 003.0071601 Posko Bencana Alam Koarmartim Pasukan Katak Koarmatim Ujung, Surabaya Telp. 031 3298392 & 3201289

Bogor Aid Center (POSKO)

POSKO SOLIDARITAS ACEH DPD PKS KAB. BOGOR Ruko Nirwana Estate Jl. Raya Cikaret No. 29 Cibinong Kab. Bogor 16914 Telepon/fax 87914409 Rekening bank: BSM cab. Cibinong no. rekening: 0430013379 atas nama PKS

Aceh MAP and list of Cities (Kabupaten/Kota)

For those of you who need area where the tsunami striked (Aceh and North Sumatra) you can find the map to those here: Air Putih / Peta Info peta propinsi Sumatera Utara dan Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam [Map of Aceh and North Sumatera Province] Peta Aceh Utara [Map of North of Aceh] | download disini ( Peta Kota Banda Aceh [Map of Banda Aceh] | download disini ( This is the list of all Cities (Kabupaten/Kota) and the number of Villages (Desa) in its cities:

Padang (West Sumatera) - Sumbar Aid Center (POSKO)

Arrangement (co-ordinating with the Mayor of Padang) to have 200 ton capacity car ferry to be loaded with aid material, SAR teams and hopefully medical staff is on the way. Estimated time to leave is 30th December Padang residents can drop aid packages at: Hotel Batang Arau, Jl Batang Arau No 33. Phone 27400 For packages sent by mail or courier, please use the following address: PT Mentawai Wisata Bahari Jl Kesatria No. 6 Ganting, Padang West Sumatra Contact: Rick Cameron Padang +628126627884 or +62 751 767888 PT Mentawai Wisata Bahari Details here:

Bali Aid Center (POSKO)

Send your donations, funds, clothes, items that you don't need anymore but still good to: PATA Bali headquarter, at the Renon BTB office. Contact Evie, phone: +62.361.226578 Fax: +62.361.226579, e-mail: IDEP DROP POINTS: Ubud : Ary’s Warung, Jl Raya Ubud, Tutmak’s & IDEP foundation office - Jl Hanoman No 44b, Ubud Denpasar : JIKA- POSKO Bantuan Bencana Aceh - Jalan Tjok Tresna #49, Renon, and / or UNUD & Warmadewa Universities Kuta : Surfer Girl HQ & Aroma Café Seminyak : Asana Kopi & The (across from Made’s Warung) More info: FOR PEOPLE INTERNATIONALLY WISHING TO HELP - Bank transfers can be made to a dedicated bank account which we have opened today, details are : BANK TRANSFERS - Bank transfers can be made to : Account Name : Yayasan IDEP ACCOUNT NO : 034.001229576.003 Bank : BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia), Cabang Ubud, Bali Bank Address : Jl. Raya Ub

Solidarity for ACEH by Radio 68h

You are invited to come to " Solidaritas untuk Aceh (Solidarity for Aceh) " a sharing, support, donation event, organized by Kantor Berita Radio 68h will be held on Hari/Tanggal: Kamis, 30 Desember 2004 Waktu: 13.06-14.30 WIB Tempat: Ruang Prambanan - Hotel Sahid Jaya, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Jakarta Pusat Invited guests : Gus Dur, M. Syafii Maarif, Goenawan Mohamad, Ulil Abshar Abdalla, Syaiful Mujani, Masdar F. Masudi, Hamid Bassyaib, Ayu Utami, Ratna, Sarumpaet, Wimar Witoelar, Cut Keke, Agus Nuramal, Nova Eliza, Nong Darol Mahmada, Faisal Basri, Phillips J. Vermonte, Indra J. Piliang, Bambang Harymurti, Rieke Dyah Pitaloka, Tengku Edwin, Miranti Abidin Organizer contact: Andy Budiman 0811149917, 70041467 Will be broadcasted on Radio 68h Jakarta 9,2 FM Donation: BCA Cabang Utan Kayu Acc. No: 5800091090 Acc. name: PT. Media Lintas Inti Nusantara (Kantor Berita Radio 68h)

Translators Needed

To translate Aceh/North Sumatera field reports from Bahasa Indonesia to other languages [english, france etc.] to be send to International Aid Organizations. Please contact: 08129896590 021-83791933 fgaban [@] penaindonesia [.] com Info from: Farid Gaban [Jurnalisme/Pena Indonesia]

Free Cargo to ACEH and MEDAN

Ongkos cargo gratis ke Aceh dan ke Medan Kontak / Contact : Satgas Cargo GA Bapak Rusli Baharudin, Manager Cargo Garuda Tel. 021 550 1408 ; 021 550 2041 Pengepakan barang bantuan sebaiknya menggunakan wadah plastik dengan penutup. Jangan menggunakan cardbox. Info dari milis Angkatan Udara

Volunteer for Banda Aceh needed

PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) Jakarta membutuhkan tenaga relawan untuk dikirim ke Banda Aceh. Yang berminat bisa mengirimkan biodata ke PMI Jakarta. Send your CV . email: fax: 021-7995188 up. Ibu Rina Utami. Complete information please contact PMI Jakarta

Aceh Damage Report

Source Bulletin Bakornas 29 December 2004 . News update until 28 December 2004 jam 23.00 WIB Kota Meulaboh (Aceh Barat) rata dengan tanah ( flat to the ground ). Pulau Simeulue sangat parah kondisi hampir tenggelam ( badly damage, drowned ). Desa-desa yang sangat parah kondisinya dan rata dengan tanah adalah ( badly damage villages) : (01) Uleeleuh (02) Lambung (03) Blang Ooe (04) Punge Jurung (05) PungeBlangCut (06) Punge Ujung (07) Blang (08) Cut Lam Kuweh (09) Gampung Baru (10) Pulee Pata (11) Desa Aso Nangroe (12) Lam Jamee (13) Daeh Tenggoh (14) Daeh Baru (15) Daeh Geulumpang (16) Lampase Aceh (17) Kamp Mulia (18) Lampase Kota (19) Pande (20) Jawa (21) Peulanggahan (22) Bitai (23) Daya Raya (24) Lam Pulo (25) Lam Dingin (26) Tibang (27) Lingkeh (28) Alu Naga (29) Lam Baru Sikep (30) Kamp.Laksana (31) Lam Teumen Barat (32) Lam Teumen Timur (sebagian) (33) Bandar Baru (34) Peunayon

Earthquake / Tsunami Victims Report 29 Dec

Sumber Bulletin Bakornas 29 December 2004 . News update until 28 December 2004 jam 23.00 WIB Total victims 27.174 (dead), 1.164 (missing) Details: DEAD OR MISSING A. Propinsi NAD (ACEH), Meninggal ( dead ): 27.042 Jiwa, Hilang ( missing ): 1.161 Jiwa, dengan rincian: Kota Banda Aceh, Meninggal: 5.000 Jiwa Krueng Mane, Meninggal: 117 jiwa Aceh Timur, Meninggal: 40 jiwa, Hilang 5 jiwa Lhok Seumawe, Meninggal 157 jiwa, hilang 89 jiwa Bireun, Meninggal 191 jiwa Pidie, Meninggal 167 jiwa Aceh Utara, meninggal 1.202 jiwa, hilang 367 jiwa Nagan Raya, meninggal 168 jiwa, hilang 700 jiwa Aceh Jaya, meninggal 15.000 jiwa (!!) Kota Calang, meninggal 5.000 jiwa B. Propinsi Sumut ( North Sumatera ), meninggal 132 jiwa, hilang 3 jiwa, dengan rincian: Nias, meninggal 122 jiwa Serdang Bedagai, Pantai Cermin, meninggal 6 jiwa, hilang 3 jiwa Tapanuli Tengah (Sibolga), meninggal 1 jiwa RSUD Adam Malik, meninggal 3 jiwa. INJURED

Thailand Donation for Aceh Relief

ANFREL To donate money to help victims in Aceh transfer the money to: Anfrel’s coordinator, Somsri Hananuntasuk. Krung Thai Bank Ratchadapisek-Huay Kwang 336 Ratchadapisek Road, Samsen Nok, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10320 Acc. Name: Somsri Hananuntasuk and Pornpen Khongkachonkiet Acc no: 091-0-00727-6

Canada Donation for Aceh Relief

If you wish to help, please make a donation to: Indonesian Embassy Tsunami Relief Fund Acc. No. : 3290 5209-104 TD Canada Trust, Minto Place (427 Laurier Avenue, Ottawa, ON) More information: British Columbia, Canada Fundraising Taskforce Fundraiser Booth: FOOD COURT - METROTOWN CENTER Mall Will be open until 7th January 2005 More information: IRENE Phone: 1-604-729-0594 Email: Embassy of Canada in Jakarta (Indonesia) Tel.: 62 (21) 2550-7800 Fax: 62 (21) 2550-7811 E-Mail:

International Donations

Annisa Foundation organized International donation for Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Aceh and North Sumatra. You can transfer your donations to: Nederland Dina Bronkhorst-Nasution Kloosterstraat 77, 6431 LV Hoensbroek, Nederland. Telp. : 0031-45-5210139 HP : 0628468591 Bank : ABN-AMRO # 57 75 48 808 name: SK Bronkhorst-Nasution/AH Bronkhorst USA Sri Lawson 651 W. Livingston Highland, MI 48357 France Minda Libaert 19 Rue Faidherbe 59380 Bergues FRANCE Germany Tira Soraya Hallmann Bank Account: Tira Soraya 1822direkt Bank (Frankfurter Sparkasse) No. Rek : 1251623245 BLZ : 500 502 01 England Dian Neilson Bank Name: HSBC Bank, PLC Enfield Town Branch 1 the town Einfield, Middlesex, EN2 6LD Sort Code : 40-20-23 Account number : 61595709 Indonesia No. rek : 006 0231 940 a.n Nina Evawaty BCA KCU GKBI Jl. Jend.Sudirman Kav 44-46 Jakarta Paypal lparis

Singapore Donation for Aceh Relief

For those residing in SINGAPORE, donations can be done through: Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) Singapura (Ruang Ripta Loka), No.7 Chatsworth Road Singapore 249761. Phone: (+65) 6737 7422 Indonesian Profesional Association, IPA Singapore . DBS Bank current account: 065-014272-4, Name: Indonesian Professional Association (Singapore). Pls send an email to after the transfer (include date of transfer, full name & amount)

Malaysia Donation for Aceh Relief

PPI Malaysia - Indonesian Student Association in Malaysia in cooperation with Indonesian Embassy in KL Contact: Bambang Winarko, Ketua Umum PPI Malaysia, (60) - 0126562531 Bambang Aris, Ketua Bidang Kerjasama dan Kepedulian Sosial, (60) - 0163958789. Indonesian Embassy in KL 233, Jl. Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur 50400, Malaysia Telephone: 603 21421354 FAX: 603 21417908, 603 21423878 email:

Japan Donation for Aceh Relief

PPI Jepang - Indonesian Student Association in Japan Bank : Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Cabang: Jiyugaoka Nama : PPI Jepang Hastari Eka Anandhita No. Rek : 6761431 Indonesian Embassy Tokyo Bank Negara Indonesia – Tokyo Branch Acc.: Indonesian Embassy - Donation for Natural Disaster No. : 013862 JPY 3102.01 Email: Information Section, Indonesian Embassy, Tokyo: Tel. 03-3441 4201; Fax 03-3447 1697, ext. 222 & 225 Website:: Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo

ENGLAND / UK Donation for Aceh Relief

Embassy of Republic Indonesia in London, England “Tsunami Disaster Fund” Bank Transfers: HSBC Bank plc, 79 Piccadilly, London W1V 0EU A/C Name: Indonesian Embassy Disaster Appeal A/C no: 31455923 (Sterling account) Sort code: 40-05-26 By Cheque Should be made payable to: The Indonesian Embassy Disaster Appeal and sent to: The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia 38 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 2HW. More information here: Indonesian Embassy in UK Annisa Foundation Dian Neilson Bank Name: HSBC Bank, PLC Enfield Town Branch 1 the town Einfield, Middlesex, EN2 6LD Sort Code : 40-20-23 Account number : 61595709 PPI UK - Indonesian Student Association in UK Emma Savitry NatWest Short Code: 600235 Acc Number: 67108237 Or by cheque to: Emma Savitry 11 Davey Road Perry Barr Birmingham B20 3DS Email:, Mobile. 07778594573 Phone: 0121-2403729 ISLAMIC RELIEF: http://www.islami

Germany Donation for Aceh Relief

Germany Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia (0062 21) 39 85 50 00 Annisa Foundation Tira Soraya Hallmann Melittastasse 16, D-32427, Minden Bank Account: Tira Soraya 1822direkt Bank (Frankfurter Sparkasse) No. Rek : 1251623245 BLZ : 500 502 01 Mer-C Germany (Perwakilan Jerman) Zoesmar Sidi Stichwort : GEMPA ACEH Kontonummer 105676-602 Bankleitzahl 500 100 60 Postbank Frankfurt am Main IASI (Ikatan Ahli dan Sarjana Indonesia di Jerman) Our bank account information: Account holder : Verband indonesischer Fachkräfte und Akademiker in Deutschland (IASI e.V) Account Nr. : 359 864 BLZ (Bank Code) : 206 905 00 Bank : Sparda Bank Hamburg Transfer Message : Hilfe für Tsunamiopfer More info: Email : , or Spendenkonto der FIG-Indonesia e.V.-Entw

France Donation for Aceh Relief

Annisa Foundation Minda Libaert 19 Rue Faidherbe 59380 Bergues FRANCE Marseille Consulat Général d’Indonésie à Marseille 25 Bd. Carmagnole – 13008 Marseille Tel. 04 91 23 01 60 – Fax 04 91 71 40 32 Nous avons besoin en urgent : les vêtements, nourritures, médicaments, couvertures. Vous pouvez, dès maintenant, envoyer vos dons par chèque à l'ordre de Consulat d'Indonésie (Bantuan Bencana Alam Aceh). ou virements à compte : Code Banque 30004 Code Agence 00711 Numéro de Compte 00010374662 RIB 75 Agence de Domiciliation BNP PARIBAS MARSEILLE Info:

Nederland Donation for Aceh Relief

Annisa Foundation Dina Bronkhorst-Nasution Kloosterstraat 77, 6431 LV Hoensbroek, Nederland. Telp. : 0031-45-5210139 HP : 0628468591 Bank : ABN-AMRO # 57 75 48 808 name: SK Bronkhorst-Nasution/AH Bronkhorst Indonesian Student Association in Nederland - PPI Belanda Bendahara PPI Belanda D. Febriantina ABN Amro Wageningen No. KZIS (komite zakat infaq dan sadaqah) the Netherlands Groningen : Ismail Fahmi Account No : 9690278 a.n. De Gromiest Bank: Post Bank Groningen Address : Bezettingslaan 30, 9728 Gronigen Phone : 31 - 06 - 41054573 (mobile) e-mail : And on these cities: Eindhoven, Wegeningen, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Delft, Enschede Complete information here: deGromiest [lebih khusus di Groningen ] Bank: ABN AMRO Account number: 599011408 Name: Elfahmi Location: Groningen Remark: Bismillah, For Aceh Donation will be delivered to Aceh through Yayas

USA Donation for Aceh Relief

Annisa Foundation Sri Lawson 651 W. Livingston Highland, MI 48357 IMAAM Wire transfer: IMAAM Bank of America Routing #: 054001204 Account #: 001921252334 Online donation can be made on our website through PayPal. For tax purposes, IMAAM’s TIN #: 52-190-7723 Contact:IMAAM, 1611 Veirs Mill Rd, Rockville, MD 20851 Phone: 240-453-0808 Email: Website: San Francisco/Bay Area/California Utara Konsulat Jenderal RI San Francisco 1111 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco CA 94133 Telp.: 1-415-474 9571, faks: 1-415-441 - 4320 Bank Account: Indonesian Consulate General Acc. No.: 604551 507 Citibank North Beach Branch 580 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 Washington DC Embassy of Indonesia Washington, DC Bank of America 730 15th Street, NW, 7th Fl. Washington DC 20005 Account Name : Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Account No. : 0020-874-82-642 Routing No. : 054001204 Purpose : “For A

How to Provide Aid to Victims of Tsunamis [Initial items]

Initial items that you can consider donating (in kind or money to purchase) include: Water purification tablets, and any other water purification tools Oral Rehydration salts ( Oralit ) Bleach, disinfectants, Carbol (disinfectant) Soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, talcum / calamine powder, sanitary napkins First Aid medications, and over-the counter medicines for fever and diarrhea Non perishable food, vitamins (especially for infants & children), rice, instant noodles Buckets, and plastic water containers, garbage bags Sheets, towels, hammocks, mosquito nets and any other linens / bedding Any (if possible quick drying) clothing Cooking and eating utensils Mosquito repellant Tents & tarpaulins Writing utensils SUGGESTED FORMAT FOR NON-MONETARY AID TO ACEH: Please contribute what you can, in the best way you can. A good format for immediate assistance is as follows: Purchase plastic buckets (pails, ember), with handle and t

Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) receive donation

Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia) receive donations for tsunami victims in Aceh and North Sumatra For complete information, news and update go to PMI website: Palang (they have the English version as well) For contact: Humas PMI +62.21.7992325 Email: For Donation: Rekening untuk Rakyat Aceh a/c 450.666.0009 Bank BCA Menara Bidakara atas nama ( acc. name ) Kantor Pusat Palang Merah Indonesia Bantuan BENCANA PMI Bank Mandiri Cab. Wisma Baja - Jakarta a/c 070.0089012012 Bank BCA Menara Bidakara a/c 450.3777.11.1 atas nama ( acc. name ) Palang Merah Indonesia

SWIFT CODE requested

Ada permintaan di sebuah mailing list untuk menyertakan swift code dari nomor-nomor rekening Bank yang menerima donasi dan bantuan untuk korban Aceh dan Sumut. Ini untuk kepentingan mereka yang mau menyumbang tapi berada di luar negri (WNI ataupun bukan). Terima kasih. UPDATE: To transfer money to BCA bank account you can use BCA swift code : CENA ID JA

Posko Blogfam untuk masyarakat Blogger

Blogger Family ( ) membuka posko bantuan. Info lengkap, keterangan dan lain-lain bisa dilihat disini . Bantuan non-uang bisa disampaikan ke: Mbak Rieke JL Surabaya no 15 Jakarta Pusat atau; Flamboyant Citra I B4/2 Rempoa Ciputat Jakarta Bantuan berupa dana bisa disampaikan ke rekening dibawah ini: BNI Gambir No. 089. 000 000 343.901 a.n. Pratiwi. Bank Mandiri Thamrin no rek. 103-000204468 a.n Retno Kristiani BCA Sabang No. Rek 075-1244362 a.n Retno Kristiani

Support list needed for Aceh and North Sumatra

1. OBATAN-OBATAN ( MEDICINES) Flu/batuk/demam : decolsin capsul, mixagrip, obh combi, obh combi plus untuk dewasa dan anak2, vick formula 44 utk dewasa dan anak2, new babt couch syrup, termorex, alphamol, flukol forte, inza, procold, benadryl dmp child, bodrex, bodrexin, panadol, tempra, dll obat2 diare/sakit perut seperti: andicap, oralit, dialet, diaform, enterostop, papaverin, dll Obat2an utk luka : dansepta, kapas pembalut, alkohol, rivanol, mrecurochrome, kasa, abodine, leukoplast, betadine, ban-aid, antibiotik: amoxillin 500 mg, amoxcillin syrup kering, ampicillin syrup kering, salpenol Gatal/kulit : bedak salicyl, PK, dermal salep kulit, trimadan krim, genoint salep kulit, nosib salep, salep kulit cap kaki tiga, salep kulit 88, daktarin, bedak, herocyn, ikamicetine, fluocinonide ointment, kalpanax, isodine oinment, kemicetine, dll. Lambung : antasida, decolid, cimetidine 200 mg, ranitidine 150 mg, promag Obat gosok : minyak kayu putih, balsam, balpirik,

Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) Contact Number and Info

PK Sejahtera DPD Aceh Besar : Yanuar 0651-70043 DPD Lhokseumawe : Yusuf 0645-4164 DPD Aceh Utara : Zulkarnaen 0811-671590 DPD Aceh Timur/Langsa : Muharman DPD Banda Aceh : Andi Shalahuddin 0813-10084444, Zulfan Yusuf 0812-9644040 DPW Sumatera Utara : Gatot 0812-6041634, Sigit 0811-600240, Timbas 0815-3181160 DPP PK Sejahtera : Iie Sumirat 0816-4826168 Tim Mobile Crisis Center : Syahfan 0868-11004585 Rekening Bantuan Sosial a.n. Partai Keadilan: BCA No.7600-32-1166 BSM No.003.007.1601 BMI No.304.00144.15 BRI No.0339-01-000376-30-9

Bantuan Barang Berangkat ke Aceh dgn Pesawat

info via SMS Bantuan berupa barang yang akan dikirimkan 29 Dec dengan pesawat Hercules TNI dan juga pesawat RPX (Fedex) 31 Dec. Bantuan yang diharapkan berupa makanan (sebaiknya makanan kalengan tanpa dimasak), air bersih, pakaian dan obat-obatan. Dapat disampaikan ke: Posko Bencana Alam Aceh jl Wijaya 13 no 21 (24 jam) Kebayoran, Jakarta Selatan. Kontak ibu Muna 0811 896 468 atau Lia 0812 995 33 59 (please be patient, busy numbers) RPX (Fedex) Casablanca , Jakarta Pusat (seberang mal Ambassador) (24 hour) Phone 527 0701 ibu Yusi / pak Ruli Halid RPX Pondok Pinang , Ciputat (gedung Fedex ujung jalan tol Simatupang) (office hour) Phone 7590 8800 Warehouse Fedex di Cengkareng (office hour) Untuk yang berangkat jumat, 31 dec, Fedex (RPX) bantuan paling akhir harap disampaikan besok malam, Rabu 29 Desember.

Aid for Indonesian Victims in UK

Coordinated by Indonesian Student Association in UK (PPI UK) Donation can be transfer to: Emma Savitry NatWest Short Code: 600235 Acc Number: 67108237 Or by cheque to: Emma Savitry 11 Davey Road Perry Barr Birmingham B20 3DS Email:, Mobile. 07778594573 Phone: 0121-2403729

Medan Sumatra Utara (North Sumatra) Aid Center

ED WALHI Sumatra Utara Jl. Air Bersih No 79 Medan Sumatra Utara Kontak : Herwin Nasution; 0811657517, Tlp kantor : (061) 7869061/77804071 Fax : (061) 7869061 Email : Team Pembela Buruh Migran Sumatera Utara Pantai Cermin - Deli Serdang cp : Butet Lubis - 081533180019 POSKO Satuan Koordinasi dan Pelaksanaan PBP Propinsi Sumatra Utara Tel. 061 - 77814162 Fax 061 - 788 1444 Posko Penanggulangan Bencana Nasional Bandara Polonia-Medan Phone: (061) 4566524 Humas Posko Edy Sofyan: 0811-618910

Yogyakarta Aid Center

POSKO BENCANA ALAM ACEH BOULEVARD UGM KOMITE KEMANUSIAAN UNTUK ACEH Kontak: 0813 2820 0798 (Fauzan) No. Rekening: 1 - 027 - 411001, BII Cabang Sudirman - Yogyakarta, a/n T. Fauzansyah Asrama Putri Malahayati Jl Kartini, Sagan Yogyakarta. (menerima bantuan berupa uang, pakaian layak pakai, bahan makanan dll) Lembaga Bantuan Kemanusiaan-Sapa persada Indonesia (LBK-SPI) Jl. Mangunegaran Kidul 14 Yogyakarta Telp/fax:0274-372-663. Rek: BNI cabang Yogyakarta an. Nuzy Nur Rhamdian. No.004.005108497.901 Rek: BCA Yogyakarta An. Alissa Rahman No.0371901972 Contact: Rini mintarsih : 0812-269-2973 Rosna Bernadetha: 0817-411-3212 Yakkum Emergency Unit (YEU) Jl. Klitren Lor GK III/374 Yogyakarta Tel/Facsimile : +62 (0)274 548694, 514100 CP Yogyakarta: Vita – 0811283327, Otto Nody - 08122710229, Mia – 0818270006 CP Medan: Shanti - 0811255131 Posko di Medan: PKPA Medan, tel/facs: 061-6637821, 6611943 ; Accoun

Indonesia Tsunami Victims Information Service and Media Center

TELKOM CONTACT CENTER TOLL FREE [BEBAS PULSA]: 0 800 100 70000 More info here PMI [Indonesian Red Cross] Hotline 24 Hours +6221-794 4588 +6221-794 4559 +6221-799 2325 ext. 402 More info here Posko BAKORNAS PBP - POSKO Gempa Tsunami Aceh & Sumut JI. Ir. H. Juanda 36. Jakarta 10120 Indonesia Facsimile: +(62 21) 345.8500, +(62 21) 350.5075 Tel.: +(62 21) 345.8400, 344.2734, 344.2985 Ext. 218 & 219 Web site : E mail : Posko Penanggulanggan Bencana - NAD (Aceh) 0868 - 1212 8638, 1212 8645, 1212 8646, 1212 7854 Kadis ops Lanud Polonia 0811 654 595 Humas Menko Kesra, Pak Dida 021 3453289 Najwa syihab - Metro TV 0868 1900 8000 Satkorlak Aceh, Kolonel Yardi 0811689699 Satkorlak Medan, Pak Tabrani 0812910644 dan 061 77814162 Kantor Humas Penanggulangan Bencana Alam 061-4566524 Posko penanggulangan bencana nasional di Bandara Polonia-Medan Phone: (061) 4566524 Humas

Radio 68H Jakarta Aid Support

Kantor Berita Radio 68H Jakarta Kantor Cabang Pembantu BCA Account no: 5800091090 Account name: PT Media Lintas Inti Nusantara Listen for information and news update from Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (ACEH) from our radio network in Indonesia. For Jakarta tune in to 89,2 FM.

Jabotabek (Jakarta) Tsunami Aid Center

The Aid Center for Jakarta and it surrounding area (JABOTABEK): Sanggar Ciliwung Romo Sandyawan Sanggar Ciliwung Kl. Bukit Duri 1/21, RT 06, RW.012 kel. Bukit Duri, Tebet Jakarta Selatan 12840 (Masuk dari jembatan Tong Tek, samping Pos Polisi) t/f 021 8308255 email: Eksekutif Nasional Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI) Jl. Tegal Parang Utara No 14 mampang Prapatan Jakarta Selatan Telp. 791 93 363 Kontak : Ridha Saleh (08159 448 017), Winoto (08128 259 537) dan Andi Armansyah (08154 036 028) Rekening untuk Bantuan Aceh:no.rek: 039.01.01825.00.9 a.n. WALHI (KESLING)Bank Niaga Cab. Jakarta Design CenterJl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 53 Jakarta> KONTRAS Jl. Borubudur No 14 Menteng Jakarta pusat Kontak : Usman Hamid, Edwin, Gianmoko : 0811812149, 08129437339 Bantuan berupa uang silakan kirimkan ke: Bank BII Cabang Proklamasi No. Rekening: 2-072-267-196 a.n Kontras Aceh kita Jl. Bojonegoro no 16 Menteng Jak

Bandung Tsunami Aid Center

ALAMAT POSKO BANTUAN BENCANA TSUNAMI in BANDUNG, West Java Common Room - HU Pikiran Rakyat Jl. Kyai Gede Utama No. 8 Bandung 40132 T/f 022 2503404 kontak: tobucil email: Posko Untuk Aceh Jl. Belimbing No. 3 Bandung Kontak: Fadli t. 022 7201936 081320505333 BEM UNPAD Jl. Dipatiukur No. 35 Bandung POSKO BENCANA TSUNAMI ITB Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung atau melalui rekening "Bantuan Bencana Tsunami' Bank Syariah Mandiri No. 0077019462 (a.n. Grace) RADIO PARAMUDA Circle K Simpang Dago Pk. 13.00 - 16.00 B- RADIO Jl. Ir. H. Juanda Bandung POSKO SEKOLAH TINGGI ILMU KOMUNIKASI (STIKOM) BANDUNG Jl. Lodaya No. 20Bandung atau hotline 24 jam 022 7312159 POSKO RUMAH ZAKAT INDONESIA DSUQ Melalui BCA 777 0399121 a.n. Yayasan Ummul Quro dan Bank Syariah Mandiri 0070008483 a.n. Yayasan DSUQ atau Aceh Crisis Center di 022 7332451 atau SMS Center ke 085220030725 PALANG MERAH INDONESIA (PMI) CABANG KOTA BANDUNG melalui rek

Posko ITB dan Rekening Alumni ITB

Posko ITB untuk Bencana Alam NAD dan Sumatera Utara Lab. Tek-V, lantai dasar (RCG) Tlp (022) 250 0046 Jl Ganesha 10 atau Direktorat Kemitraan Gedung CCAR lt 2 Jl. Taman Sari 64 Rekening Bantuan Alumni ITB Rekening IA-ITB qq. Dompet Amal, Rekening Bank Mandiri No. 070-000.436.3391 Or to: Sekretariat PP IA-ITB, Jl. Surabaya No. 58, Menteng, Jakarta 10310.

Data Korban 28 Desember 2004

Sumber dari Buletin No.3 Posko BAKORNAS PBP (Badan Koordinasi Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana dan Penanganan Pengungsi). Sayang website Bakornas PBP ini sebenernya bisa jadi pusat informasi tentang bencana, tapi nomer kontak yang bisa dihubungi aja susah dicarinya. Forumnya aja masih kosong. WARNING: Gempa susulan masih terjadi, dihimbau untuk sementara waktu paling tidak selama 2 minggu kedepan masyarakat di Propinsi NAD menghindari aktifitas disekitar pantai. Perkembangan korban gempa/tsunami [28 Dec 2004]: Propinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darroessalam (ACEH) : meninggal [ dead ] 4.599 orang, hilang [missing] 94 orang Kota Banda Aceh : Meninggal 3.000 orang Krueng Mane : Meninggal 117 orang Aceh Timur : Meninggal 40 orang, Hilang 5 orang Kota Lhok Seumawe : Meninggal 157 orang, Hilang 89 orang Kab. Bireuen : Meninggal 191 orang Kab. Pidie : Meninggal 167 orang Kab. Aceh Utara : Meninggal 927 orang

Aid support for quake and tsunami in Indonesia (Bank Accounts)

Aid support (bank transfers) for quake and tsunami di Aceh and North Sumatra can be delivered via: [ BCA SWIFT CODE: CENA ID JA ] For those of you who need the banks Swift Code , Priyadi has diligently provide the complete Indonesian Banks SWIFT CODE that can be found here: SWIFT Code for Indonesian Banks 0) Palang Merah Indonesia (Indonesian Red Cross) Bank BCA Menara Bidakara a/c 450.666.0009 acc. name: Kantor Pusat Palang Merah Indonesia Bank Mandiri Wisma Baja - Jakarta a/c 070.0089012012 acc. name: Palang Merah Indonesia Bank BCA Menara Bidakara a/c 450.3777.11.1 acc. name: Palang Merah Indonesia 1) Indosiar Bank account in BCA, under the name of: Indosiar: 001 - 304 - 0009 2) RCTI Bank account in BCA under the name of RCTI Peduli BCA Pasar Minggu Acc. No. 128.300.7000 3) Pundi Amal SCTV BCA, Acc Name: Pundi Amal SCTV. Acc No.: 084-266-2000 4) Dompet Amal Trans TV BCA Setiabudi 7660-121-000 5) Metro TV Ikhlas Bank - BCA # 3