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Calling for help from Sumberbatikan

Hans van den Broek in Yogyakarta on his blog informs several bank account for earthquake donation: NETHERLAND Name: P Ponirah Address: Molenstraat 4, 4841 CD Prinsenbeek, The Netherlands Acc. nr. 142 5590 24 For donations from outside The Netherlands, you'll need this information: IBAN: NL48 RABO 0142 5590 24 BIC: RABONL2U AUSTRALIA Barry Crooks (from Australia) National Australia Bank Mastercard a/c no. 5313 5855 1124 4593 UNITED STATES And Bernie Adeney-Riskotta (US) Acc. nr. 040011515315, Citybank, Shattuck and University Ave, Berkeley More on his post Sumberbatikan for background info Contact Info: Hans van den Broek Ponirah Productions Vertaal- en redigeerwerk Jl. Dumung 111A CT VIII Karang Gayam Depok Sleman Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia T + 62 (0)274 565107 M + 62 (0)8882700194

Self Reminder Online Pamphlet

From left to right: 1. Want to watch earthquake victims? Do it on television 2. The condition is already hard, don't make aid relief more difficult 3. Why do we the earthquake victims, fights among ourselves? 4. Don't be an egoist so we can all be relieved

WHO Situation Report - Yogyakarta and Central Java Earthquake

Summary WHO has taken the lead on the organization of coordination meetings and the formation of the Health Cluster that will serve as an information sharing and management mechanism. A Health Emergency Information and Operations Unit (HEIOU) has been established in Sarjito Hospital in Yogyakarta. WHO/Ministry of Health has established a Logistics Hub in the Yogyakarta airport in cooperation with the National Crisis Management An Early Warning and Outbreak Control Network (Disease Surveillance) is being established in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Gadja Mada University. Number of Dead and Injured Location Yogyakarta Death 4273 Number of Injured In Patient 13622 Number of Injured Out Patient 7878 Location Central Java Death 1141 Number of Injured In Patient 4896 10582 Number of Injured Out Patient 10582 TOTAL Death 5414 Number of Injured In Patient 18518 Number of Injured Out Patie