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BuGils 5th Birthday Party

If you want to contribute to the relief of the Tsunami disaster, consider the following organizations. I know the people who work for them personally and I can assure you they are professionals who have many years of experience in Indonesia. T his coming Saturday (15th) is the BuGils Birthday Party in Taman Ria, Senayan. They will have an information desk where you can ask them more questions about their projects and also give a donation. Through the Indonesian Expat Newsletter they will give regular updates on how your money is spent and how their work is proceeding. For more information contact: Wouter Lindner Senior Advisor Grant Administration Helen Keller International Indonesia Office: +62-21-7199163 ext.301 Fax: +62-21-7198148 Maurice A. Bloem Regional Director Indonesia/Timor Leste Church World Service Indonesia Office: +62-21-7197929 Fax: +62-21-71799387 http://www.churc

Indonesian Tsunami Victims - 104.055 Dead

Tsunami victims data on January 10th 2005 . Source: Indonesian Ministry of Social Welfare [ DEPSOS ] For complete table data go here: Perkembangan Bencana di NAD dan Sumut District Dead Injured Missing Displaced ACEH PROVINCE Krueng Mane 117 - - - Bieuen 594 187 58 35.000 AcehTimur 894 - 143 22.000 AcehUtara 2.389 1.046 - 97.942 BandaAceh 20.066 - 279 27.980 Lhoksemawe 189 75 10 11.000 Pidie 1.359 - 229