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2 year anniversary of Indonesian (Aceh & Nias) Tsunami

Feels like yesterday, but it actually has been 2 years since the deadly natural disaster attacked. Two years also this blog has been running, on and off, trying to gives the most updated information on disasters and aid information in Indonesia. Since then Indonesia has been hit by Pangandaran Tsunami (West Java) and Yogyakarta Earthquake with great deal people has become victims and displace from their home. But for now, let us remember the deadly tsunami that attacked Aceh and Nias two years ago, and evaluate how far the Indonesian government and the people of Aceh has bounce back from it. For some times now Aceh and Nias rehabilitation and reconstruction effort has been under an agency called BRR ( Badan Rekontruksi dan Rehabilitasi Aceh-Nias ), where you can find their official website here: The site has a dedicated page for 2006 Commemoration where there you can find: Aceh and Nias Two Years After the Tsunami 2006 Progress Report (pdf 5.6MB) with its P

Reported at least 262 killed on Java Island

A tsunami crashed into beach resorts and fishing villages on Java island Monday, killing at least 262 people and leaving more than 160 missing after bulletins failed to reach the region because no warning system was in place. Pangandaran it's quite a famous beach resorts and tourist destination in West Java Province. ( Pangandaran Travel Guide from Virtual It was told that frantic tourists and villagers shouted "Tsunami! Tsunami!" as the wave more than 6 feet high approached. Some climbed trees or fled to higher ground to escape while others crowded into inland mosques to pray. At least 23,000 people fled their homes , either because they were destroyed or in fear of another tsunami. Death toll rose to at least 262. At least 172 people were killed and 85 others were missing in the Pangandaran area . A Pakistani national, a Swedish national and a Dutch national were among the dead. Most of the victims were believed to be Indonesians. At least 77 we

2006 West Java Tsunami Simulation

Click here if you can't see the simulation. The paper accompanying the simulation prepared by Hamzah Latief, Aditya Riadi, Dodi Zulkarnaen from Dept. of Oceanography, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) and Tsunami Research Group, Center for Coastal and Marine Development, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) , INDONESIA is available for download here: " Preliminary Result of the 2006 West Java Tsunami Simulation " (.pdf)

Series of Earthquakes in Indonesia

Today, 17 July 2006, series of earthquakes attacked Indonesia the southern part of Indonesia, approximately south of Java Island after an earlier earthquakes in South Sumatra all with magnitudes of 5+. The biggest one (Mag 7.1) creates a 2m waves and official has reported 5 casualties . Earthquakes information from USGS : MAG UTC DATE-TIME y/m/d h:m:s LAT deg LON deg DEPTH km Region MAP 5.9 2006/07/17 11:07:37 -9.486 107.732 40.7 SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA MAP 5.4 2006/07/17 10:44:37 -9.043 107.777 40.4 SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA MAP 6.0 2006/07/17 10:09:09 -8.860 107.799 20.0 JAVA, INDONESIA MAP 6.1 2006/07/17 09:13:10 -9.133 107.653 46.6 SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA MAP 5.7 2006/07/17 09:05:18 -9.798 107.961 10.0 SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA MAP 7.1 2006/07/17 08:19:31 -9.295 107.347 48.6 SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA MAP 5.3 2006/07/17 05:32:28 -4.908 102.134 20.7 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA

Five dead in tsunami off South Java

Five people have been killed in a tsunami triggered by an earthquake off the island of Java, the Indonesian president said. The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.2, struck off the town of Pangandaran at 1519 local time (0819 GMT), causing a two-metre-high wave. BBC Report

Sonora Jogja Media Center

Jogja Media Center from Sonora Radio Station 97.4 FM (in Indonesian) Contact Sonora Jogja Media Center Radio Sonora 97,4 FM Jl. KH. Wakhid Hasyim 256 (ndalem Tejokusuman) Yogyakarta 55262 Hot Line Earthquake Information On Air: (0274) 450363 • 0274) 450364 Off Air: 90274 (Hunting) SMS: 08175483200 Fax: (0274) 450361 Yahoo!Messenger/E-Mail: sonorajogjamediacenter[et]

Webgis/Webmapping Application - Java Quake

Sistem Informasi Bencana DIY Fakultas Geografi Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta Peta dan Informasi Bencana Gempa Jogjakarta dan Jateng (SG Viewer needed) Jurusan Teknik Geodesi UGM dan Bappeda DIY [Via Eko ]

UNDAC Contacts at 3 station Indonesia

The United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) contact information in several location in Indonesia Yogyakarta Puji Pujiono +62 811 153 489 Jemilah Mahmood +62 813 6325 4955 / +62 815 8633 0238 Amanada Pitt +62 813 9224 1372 Bantul Rajan Gengaje +62 813 9221 1371 Sun Baitao +62 813 9221 1374 Regina Rahadi +62 811 93 94 79 Yogyakarta Airport Alan Toh +62 813 9221 1351

GPS / Satelite Coordinates

Anyone needs to communicate on the ground or requires GPS or Satellite Coordinates can use one these contact (ECHO): Jorge Pereiro-Pinon jorge.pereiro-pinon (at) Agnes Agnes.LE-THIEC (at) Cesar Arques ta01 (at)

IDEP Yogyakarta Earthquake Response Update No 2

IDEP Yogyakarta Earthquake Response Update No 2 About the situation on the ground around Yogya at this time The latest reports put the death toll from the Java quake at over 5,800 and sources estimate that some 647,000 people have been displaced and are in need of basic food and shelter. As night falls over Java, international news services and eyewitness reports from our partners in the field inform us that while more aid appears to be arriving at the now open airport in Yogyakarta. Yet many people who’s homes have been destroyed are facing their fifth night without food, shelter, water or even basic medical aid. Assessments from our partners in the field suggest than many thousands more people will spend further nights with out their basic needs met. Our partners are coordinating with local organizations to identify places where many of the larger NGO’s have yet to arrive and are focusing their efforts of delivering emergency aid to area


New website from COMBINE as a Information response system for Java Earthquake Relief. Click here to go o the website: Combine Tanggap - Saksi Contact: Sekretariat SAKSIGEMPA Jl. Ngadisuryan 26 Yogyakarta 55133 Telp/fax.: 0274-418929 Email :

Java Quake Google Earth Overlay

From Global Connection - Indonesia Earthquake Load the Google Earth dynamic overlay , generated by the Global Connection project. These maps are from DLR's Center for Satellite-based Crisis Information and contain 0.7 meter Digital Globe imagery and 1 meter IKONOS imagery of Bantul. To use the Google Earth dynamic overlay: If you do not have Google Earth installed, it's a free download from Click on the above link to load into Google Earth. As you navigate to the area affected by the earthquake, you'll see the overlay appear. After you zoom or scroll and stop motion for about a second, Google Earth will automatically load the correct sections of the map. As you zoom in, the map overlays will become more detailed Page on Java Quake 2006

Can be found here: Page on Java Quake 2006 Heavily injured woman A heavily injured woman is waiting to get medical attention in Yogyakarta after an earthquake strikes the ... Setting up camp People have set up quick shelters against the sun, and later for the night, on the one ... Prambanan temples damaged The Prambanan temple complex just east of Yogyakarta has sustained substantial damage after a powerful earthquake in ... Soldiers budy victims Soldiers carry a dead body during a funeral in Bantul, south of Yogyakarta. Rescue workers dug desperately ... Bantul from the a

More Satellite Images of the Damaged Area

Damage assessment using QUICKBIRD data from May 28, 2006 - Bantul Region, Sheet 1 (1:7,500) May 31, 2006 - 17:30 UTC click here to download the map (1.1 MB low resolution) click here to download the map (2.0 MB medium resolution) click here to download the map (7.0 MB high resolution; corresponding world-file) Damage assessment using QUICKBIRD data from May 28, 2006 - Bantul Region, Sheet 2 (1:7,500) May 31, 2006 - 17:30 UTC click here to download the map (1.0 MB low resolution) click here to download the map (1.9 MB medium resolution) click here to download the map (6.6 MB high resolution; corresponding world-file) From DLR-ZKI. Complete page here: Earthquake in Indonesia 2006

Calling for help from Sumberbatikan

Hans van den Broek in Yogyakarta on his blog informs several bank account for earthquake donation: NETHERLAND Name: P Ponirah Address: Molenstraat 4, 4841 CD Prinsenbeek, The Netherlands Acc. nr. 142 5590 24 For donations from outside The Netherlands, you'll need this information: IBAN: NL48 RABO 0142 5590 24 BIC: RABONL2U AUSTRALIA Barry Crooks (from Australia) National Australia Bank Mastercard a/c no. 5313 5855 1124 4593 UNITED STATES And Bernie Adeney-Riskotta (US) Acc. nr. 040011515315, Citybank, Shattuck and University Ave, Berkeley More on his post Sumberbatikan for background info Contact Info: Hans van den Broek Ponirah Productions Vertaal- en redigeerwerk Jl. Dumung 111A CT VIII Karang Gayam Depok Sleman Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia T + 62 (0)274 565107 M + 62 (0)8882700194

Self Reminder Online Pamphlet

From left to right: 1. Want to watch earthquake victims? Do it on television 2. The condition is already hard, don't make aid relief more difficult 3. Why do we the earthquake victims, fights among ourselves? 4. Don't be an egoist so we can all be relieved

WHO Situation Report - Yogyakarta and Central Java Earthquake

Summary WHO has taken the lead on the organization of coordination meetings and the formation of the Health Cluster that will serve as an information sharing and management mechanism. A Health Emergency Information and Operations Unit (HEIOU) has been established in Sarjito Hospital in Yogyakarta. WHO/Ministry of Health has established a Logistics Hub in the Yogyakarta airport in cooperation with the National Crisis Management An Early Warning and Outbreak Control Network (Disease Surveillance) is being established in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Gadja Mada University. Number of Dead and Injured Location Yogyakarta Death 4273 Number of Injured In Patient 13622 Number of Injured Out Patient 7878 Location Central Java Death 1141 Number of Injured In Patient 4896 10582 Number of Injured Out Patient 10582 TOTAL Death 5414 Number of Injured In Patient 18518 Number of Injured Out Patie

Java Quake Death Toll 5,730

Current data per per 31 Mei 2006, 06.00 am local time: Yogyakarta Province Kab. Bantul: 3580 Kab. Sleman: 212 Kota Yogyakarta: 165 Kab. Gunung Kidul: 69 Kab. Kulon Progo: 26 Total Yogyakarta Province: 4052 Central Java Province Kab. Klaten: 1668 Kab. Purworejo: 5 Kota Boyolali: 3 Kab. Magelang: 1 Kab. Sukoharjo: 1 Total Central Java Province: 1678 Total Death Toll: 5730 Note: Kab. = Kabupaten = Regency Info from: Data sementara korban jiwa -

Satellite Images and Damaged Map of Java Quake

UNOSAT Hires and lowres before and after the earthquake Damage Assessment Map Overview Map of the area CRISP (National University of Singapore) Several highres and flash map of before and after the earthquake GDACS (Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System) Collecting maps from UNOSAT and other sources

Indonesia Central Java Earthquake Update Report - PDMIN

" Indonesia Central Java Earthquake Update (29 May) " compiled by Pacific Disaster Management Information Network (PDMIN) can be view here: Indonesia Central Java Earthquake To contact PDMIN: Pacific Disaster Management Information Network (PDMIN) 1 Jarrett White Road MCPA-DM, Tripler AMC, HI 96859-5000 Telephone: 808.433.7035

International Donations for Yogyakarta/Indonesia Earthquake Relief

Merlyna Lim' s posted Indonesian Earthquake: How to Help where she researched and compiled alist of charities and online donation for Yogyakarta earthquake relief. ... I have done a small research and found out that these charities are established and trusted organizations. Those located in the US are registered as public charity with 501 (c) (3) status. All of them have specifically appealed for donation for Indonesian Earthquake of May 2006.... Indonesia Relief Click here to donate online (tax deductible) Website: Check: Payable to: Indonesian Embassy Send to: Indonesian Embassy c/o Mrs. Nino Kodirun Mailing Address: 2020 Massachusetts Ave, Washington, DC 20036 Wire Transfer: Account name: Dana Bantuan (Fund Assistance) Account Number : 0019-2153-1110 Memo: Yogyakarta Relief Fund Address: Bank of America 730 15th Street, NW 7th Floor – Washington DC, 20005 Save the Children Click here to donate online (tax deductib

Earthquake Magnitude 5.6 in PAPUA, INDONESIA

Magnitude 5.6 - PAPUA, INDONESIA, 2006 May 30 03:28:52 UTC More info: Papua Earthquake Google Map of the Papua Earthquake Location Location 3.723°S, 140.127°E Depth 30 km (18.6 miles) set by location program Region PAPUA, INDONESIA Distances 147 km (91 miles) SSW (206°) from Jayapura, Irian Jaya, Indonesia 174 km (108 miles) SW (228°) from Vanimo, New Guinea, PNG 269 km (167 miles) N (356°) from Tanahmerah, Irian Jaya, Indonesia 1009 km (627 miles) NW (309°) from PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea

American Red Cross donation for Earthquake in Indonesia

Earthquake in Indonesia A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Yogyakarta located on the Indonesian island of Java. Homes and communities have been destroyed. Thousands have been killed, injured and displaced. This event is the worst disaster since the December 2004 tsunami.... Online donation for Earthquake in Indonesia through American Red Cross is available here: American Red Cross

More Pictures from Yogyakarta

More here: Y_Anta's Flickr (104 photos) Help Jogja Gudegnet

More local websites from Yogyakarta (pictures, news, how to help) (victims report, pictures, updates) (pictures, news, updates, aid centers)

Damages Report - Yogyakarta Earthquake has a database of damages/victims report by villages in disaster area that you can find on this page: Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare provides updated damages report >> Data 29 Mei 2006 Pukul 13.00 (PDF) >> Data 28 Mei 2006 Pukul 19.00 (PDF)

Aid Centers in Yogyakarta Area

Jaringan Relawan Kemanusiaan Posko Bantul Rumah Bapak Sumardi Desa Bakalan, Cepit, Kelurahan Pendowoharjo, Kec Sewon Jalan Raya Bantul Km 9,2, Bantul. CP: Isnu 0816 787 635 Posko KAMMI Peduli Bencana, Masjid Mardhiyah UGM (Selatan RSUP.Dr.Sardjito) Contact Person Rizal, HP.081328878043. Posko UKM Univ. Atmajaya, Gedung Pusgiwa, Jl.Babarsari, 43 Yogyakarta. Rek.BNI Cab.Yogyakarta,No.96176358 a/n Susilo Tri Prasetyo, Koordinator: P Susilo Tri Prasetyo,HP.085643200102 RS.Bethesda Yogyakarta Cp.Esranamardiyah Telpon.0274.586688-ext.1500 (used clothes) Posko Gempa Jogja Yayasan AirPutih (Media Center) Jl. Ampel 10, Papringan, Yogyakarta Telpon: 0274-55-4444 SMS : 9731 Contact Person: Valens Riyadi POSKO WALHI Posko Induk WALHI Yogya: 0817-941-065 WALHI DIY: Ella 0852-2861-0455 WALHI Kota: Wahyu 081-5760-0761, Tatang & Simbah 081-2273-6228 WALHI Jawa Timur Telp. +62-31-5014092 Faks. +62-31-5054313 CP: Abenk (0815-5339-4062) WALHI Jawa Tengah CP: Amri (081-2

Aid Centers in JAKARTA for Yogyakarta Earthquake

Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare PR Dept. of Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare Jl. Merdeka Barat No. 3 Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta Indonesia Phone (62 21) 34832544, 3453289 Fax (62-21) 3453289 Posko TNI AU (Air Force Aid Centers) Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma, hubungi 021-8019035. Posko Departemen Kesehatan (Ministry of Health) Telpon: 021-526-5043 Fax : 021-527-1111 Posko Kemanusiaan Metro TV (Metro TV Station) Jl. Pilar Mas Raya Kav. A-D Kedoya Kebon Jeruk Telpon: 021-583-00077, ext 21014 atau 021-581-2088, ext 5555 Bantuan yang diutamakan: Bahan Makanan siap saji, Tenda, Selimut, Obat-obatan. Posko GPII Jln. Keselamatan no. 15 RT.14/01 Manggarai Selatan Tebet Jakarta Selatan 12860 Telp; 021-8309011 Posko Indonesia Peduli (Indonesia Care) For goods: Jl. Borobudur No. 7 - Menteng Jakarta Pusat Kontak : Bp. Maryono HP. 0812 964 2823 021 319300-42 For medical assistance contact: Dr. Moerdani HP. 0817 491190

Important Phone Numbers from

Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare PR Dept. of Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare Phone (62 21) 34832544, 3453289 Fax (62-21) 3453289 Jl. Merdeka Barat No. 3 Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta Indonesia HOSPITALS Yogyakarta RSU Panti Rapih: (0274) 563333 RSU PKU Muhammadiyah: (0274) 512653 RSU Bethesda: (0274) 586688 RSUD Kota Yogyakarta: (0274) 371195 Bantul RSUD Bantul: (0274) 367381 RSU PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul: (0274) 368238 Gunung Kidul RSUD Wonosari: (0274) 391007 Kulonprogo RSUD Wates: (0274) 773169 RSU Santo Yusuf Boro: (0274) 561618 Sleman RSU Dr Sardjito: (0274) 587333 RSUD Sleman: (0274) 868437 RSU Baktiningsih: (0274) 798281 RSU Panti Rini: (0274) 496022 SEARCH AND RESCUE (SAR) TEAM Tim SAR Yogyakarta: (0274) 587559 Satkorlak PBP DIY (Yogyakarta Province Action Coordination Unit) Sekretariat:

Yogyakarta Earthquake on Flickr

From godote

After the Earthquake Jogja Pictures from

More here: and

Bank Accounts for Earthquake Donations

Hotline Sumbangan ANTV on-air On Air Phone: 021-522-9417, 522-9418 Bank Mandiri Casablanca No. Account: 124.009.601 0906 Dompet Kemanusiaan Yogya dan Jateng, Metro TV Bank Mandiri No. Account: 101.000.2777.777 Name Account: PT MEDIA TELEVISI INDONESIA Bank BCA No. Account: 288.301.5959 Name Account: PT MEDIA TELEVISI INDONESIA Dompet Amal TransTV Bank BCA No. Account: 766.012.1000 Bank Mandiri No. Account: Bank BNI No. Account: 001.358.1150 Bank Mega No. Account: 01.901. ‘Kita Peduli’-Indosiar Bank BCA Cab. Asemka No. Account: 001.304.0009 Pundi Amal SCTV Bank BCA Wisma Asia No. Account: 084.266.2000 Dana Kemanusiaan Kompas BNI: 001-000-004-868-015 A.N. PT Kompas Media Nusantara BCA: 012-300-5772 A.N. PT Kompas Media Nusantara Yayasan Dompet Dhuafa Republika Bank Mandiri Cabang Pondok Indah 101-00-9830099-7 Bank BNI Cabang Fatmawati 000.5302291 BCA Cabang Pondok Indah 237.3004723 Indonesian Red Cross

Damages to Prambanan Temple

Prambanan , the largest Hindu temple compound in Indonesia , located in central Java , approximately 18 km east of Yogyakarta and an UNESCO World Heritage Site experience a mild damages to its structure. Other temples that also damaged is Candi Boko, Candi Sewu, Candi Plaosan and Candi Sojiwan with Candi Sojiwan said to have been greatly destroyed almost all flat to the ground .

Yogyakarta Airport Adisucipto re-Open

After closing since the earthquake, said that Bandara Adisucipto is now in operation since 7.00 am this morning local time. It's not in 100% capacity yet. In the meantime, for bigger planes landing still allocated to Adisumarmo Airport in Solo .

Websites operating from disaster area

These three websites are updating their information from the disaster location, mostly in Yogyakarta. Includes updated information of aid centers, victims count, situation report, pictures and more. HELP JOGJA.NET (UGM) Contact info Yogyakarta - Universitas Gadjah Mada PPTIK UGM - (0274) 515660 Posko UGM Peduli, Bpk Deda - 08122694462 Bambang Prastowo, PPTIK UGM - 08157950791 Herman Saksono - 0811258949 Wahyu Bimo Sukarno - 081328857693 Michael Andreas - 0817443666 Email: JALIN MERAPI Contact info Sekretariat JALIN MERAPI Jl. Ngadisuryan 26 Yogyakarta 55133 Telp/fax.: 0274-418929 Email: MEDIA CENTER (AIR PUTIH) Contact info Jl. Ampel 10, Papringan Yogjakarta Tlp. (0274) 554444 (masuk dari belakang KFC dekat IAIN) Contact person: Valens Riyadi Email: