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The death toll from the earthquake, the tsunamis and the resultant floods was reported to be more than 158,000 , with tens of thousands of people reported missing, and over a million left homeless. Almost 100,000 reported dead is in Indonesia (Aceh and North Sumatra) If you have difficulty to imagine 150,000 dead victims, Todd here have a pointer: What does 150,000 look like » Donate to Tsunami Relief. Now. All the information on how to make the donation is available on this site. Start with the right navigation column.


Ten days after the earthquake there has only been minimal international aid arriving in the island of Nias . Of the few that has arrived the most that can be done was only in the form of area surveys. Nias is located 125 km off west Sumatera Island on the Indian Ocean, part of North Sumatera Province also hit by Tsunami, the number of dead or missing victims is not as great as in Aceh but the situation is not better, houses, boats destroyed leaving more than 6000 families homeless . Reported in 3rd Jan that: NO FORM OF OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL AID WHATSOEVER HAS ARRIVED ON NIAS. More info about and on how to help NIAS here: More about Situation in Nias [3 January 2005] UPDATE 06/01/2005: As informed by one of the comment, some help and fundraising effort for Nias and the other island chains on the west of Sumatra is on going. More information here: Sumatran Surfariss


WALHI [Indonesian Forum for the Environment and Friends of the Earth Indonesia] as a part of Indonesian Civil Society Coalition for the Victims of Earthquake and Tsunami [these organizations included: Walhi, Aceh Kita, Kontras, AWG-Aceh Working Group] has launch a 2nd appeal for Indonesian Tsunami victims. More info about this here: 2nd Donation Appeal for Indonesian Tsunami Victims For information, call our Jakarta HOTLINE at : +62-21-794 1672 Donations received via this channels: » UNITED STATES , trough Global Greengrants Fund [receives credit cards on-line, wire transfer, checks, stock and more] donate here Contact: Chet Tchozewski » EUROPEAN COUNTRIES , FoEE account Friends of the Earth Europe (Belgium) BIC Code: KREDBEBB IBAN: BE02 4279 1524 2140 Please mark the transfer with "TSUNAMI"! Additional information (normally not needed for Euro-transfers):

Volunteers Needed in TANJUNG PRIOK Jakarta

Volunteers needed in Tanjung Priok to sort out tons of donation material. Dermaga Komando Lintas Laut Militer [KOLINLAMIL] Location: Pos 9 Pelabuhan Tanjung priok For volunteers contact: Letkol Edi - HP. 08176358841 Kapten Hadi - HP. 0818498854