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More about volunteering to Aceh:

More information about volunteering to Aceh Medical experts who know how to do triage / use first aid and are able to act as interpreters for foreign doctor being brought in to assist the PMI (Indonesian red cross) should send their CVs to : Ibu Rina via fax (021) 799 5188 . Other general volunteers [peace core level trained people], send fax to Walhi Evang on (021)794 1673 . { prepared for exceptional physical and emotional hardship ) Other contact person for volunteers who WISH TO DEPART TO ACEH: Contact Metro TV (Mr. Ori Buchory 0816.483 9056 atau 3192 2515) . For all disaster regions, offered your help here:

Skilled Volunteers For ACEH

Medesins Sans Frontieres (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders ( ) needed skilled volunteers to be sent to ACEH. If you or your friends have these skill and is willing to depart to Aceh, contact MSF Jakarta Office in +62 21 719 5947. Contact person Mr. Jean Pletinx (HP 0819 193 92820) : Skills required: Dokter, mantri, atau suster. Medical doctors, nurses (preferred to have public health experience: PUSKESMAS) Psikiater. Psychiatry . Tenaga engineering bidang pengairan. Water Resource/Quality Engineer Tenaga engineering sipil. Civil Engineer . Tenaga administrasi untuk logistik & keuangan. Financial/Logistics Administrator .

Volunteers Needed (Jakarta) - SUKARELAWAN!

For volunteers who WISH TO DEPART TO ACEH, please contact Metro TV (Mr. Ori Buchory 0816.483 9056 atau 3192 2515). For those of you in Jakarta you can donate your time to be a volunteers in this basecamps: Basecamp Jl. Proklamasi no. 53 (across Tugu Proklamasi monument, ex BMW showroom). Contact person: Dina, no.hp: 0815.1014.3623) Basecamp Jl. Pejaten Raya no. 5 (from Republika intersection mampang, head to pejaten ΓΆ?? from kuningan, take a left turn at Republika intersection ΓΆ?? about five houses from the intersection, right side of the street) CP : wahyudin 081808602778 or Adi 081808489096 What you will require to do there: Sorting food supplies , medicines, blankets, and clothes. Clothes need to be sorted into categories: women's, children's, men's, babies'. Carrying boxes , packing, labeling, registration. Loading and unloading boxes from/into trucks/cargo, from basecamps to the airport/harbor/warehouse/hercules. Data input , postin