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Posko Location in Banda Aceh

Click on the picture for larger version. Above is Map of Aid Centers [POSKO] in Banda Aceh and its surrounding area. [Info from Aceh Media Center > Aceh Disaster Volunteers]

Italy Donation for Aceh Relief

Indonesian Embassy in Rome, Italy Transfer donation to: Name: Ambasciata della Republica d'Indonesiana Unicredit Banca - Roma Boncompagni Account no: 1037.3721 IBAN: IT 64 S ABI: 02008 Sport. CAB: 03212 Contact: Indonesian Embassy for Italy and Malta Via Campania 53-55 00187 Roma, Italy Phone: 482 59 51/53 Fax: 488 02 80

Today's Links on Tsunami

Tsunami Blog Roundup [Yahoo!] Resources on Asia's deadly tsunami [MSNBC] More: Link to this site found here: Pick of the day: 04.01.2005 [Guardian News Blog]