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Multi Languages Aceh Updates, News and Information

Initiated by Pena Indonesia helped by the hard working translator volunteers came: Currently available in: Bahasa Indonesia , English , German and France Center for updated news and information about Aceh and North Sumatra Tsunami Victims from the ground zero. The information is updated in a timely manner so that the latest situation in devastated areas can be exposed to public. Pena Indonesia urges any concerned entities to cross-post and redistribute information and articles it is provided Freely redistributed, each transcription provided herein the site is available for public and any media, and may be redistributed, reprinted or quoted whithout any prior permission from Pena Indonesia .

Austria Donation for Aceh Relief

Sumbangan Bencana Alam Indonesian Embassy in Vienna, Austria Bank Austria Acc. no: 0020 76677 00 Bank Austria-Creditanstalt Bank Vereinz - Blz. 12000 Scotengasse 6, A - 1010 Wien More info: ps: Whose GREAT IDEA is it to put bank information in FLASH ANIMATION!???

Sweden Donation for Aceh Relief

Trough Indonesian Embassy in Sweden SE Banken National Disaster Aid Account No.: 5277 10 032 01 or Bank Giro: 5078-4735 in swedish: SE Banken National Disaster Aid Kontonummer: 5277 10 032 01 eller Bankgiro: 5078-4735 More info:

Czech Donation for Aceh Relief

Prague The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Prague No. Account : 479702433/0300 Variabel symbol: 11 Purpose of payment : TSUNAMI Bank: CSOB, Na Príkope 14, 115 20 Praha 1 Info:

Norway Donation for Aceh Relief

EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA – OSLO Norway Embassy’s account Den Indonesiske Ambassade Gange Rolvstgata 5, 0244 Oslo Den Norske Bank no. 7058.05.65539 Website: Donation info:

Finland Donation for Aceh Relief

KBRI Helsinki Sampo Bank No. 800014-1034018 Name: Dompet Bencana Alam Website KBRI ( )

Denmark Donation for Aceh Relief

PUNDI AMAL TSUNAMI Transfer to: Rekening "Indonesia Tsunami Fund" Danske Bank Hellerup Afdeling Strandvejen 80 2900 Hellerup Acc. no : 4001-706624 C/o Indonesian Embassy Ørehøj Alle 1 2900 Hellerup Cheques made payable to Indonesian Embassy-Copenhagen: Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia Ørehøj Alle 1 2900 Hellerup More info:

Slovakia Donation for Aceh Relief

Through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bratislava Name: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Bank: HVB Slovakia US Dollar account: 1226 – 028/8080 SK Crown account: 1226 – 001/8080 Info:

New Zealand Donation for Aceh Relief

Indonesian Embassy Tsunami Relief Bank of New Zealand 1 Williss Street, Wellington Account number 02 - 0500 031 7987 - 25 Conctact: The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia-Wellington 70 Glen Road, Kelburn P.O.Box 3543 Wellington - New Zealand E-mail : Fax (64-4) 4759374 Phone (64-4) 4758 697, 4758698, 4758699 Website:

Switzerland Donation for Aceh Relief

Make the donation to: Indonesische Botschaft Elfenauweg 51, 3006 Bern Acc. No. 235-920337.01W, Bank UBS 3001 Bern . Please put on the message: Erdbeben in Aceh und Nord Sumatera More info:

Australia Donation for Aceh Relief

INDONESIA TSUNAMI RELIEF FUND Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, Australia "Indonesia Tsunami Relief Fund" Commonwealth Bank of Australia Account no. 062900 10405448. More info:

Online Donation for Tsunami Relief Fund

The easiest way to send donation for the Tsunami victims is by donate money online . These are several links to international aid organizations that providing means to donate online: American Red Cross [ via Amazon ] CARE USA Disasters Emergency Committee MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES | Doctors Without Borders SAVE THE CHILDREN - Help Children and Families Affected by Earthquake and Tsunami in Southern Asia OXFAM Islamic Relief [ in US ]