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Help Still Needed

The navy ships and chopper support are focusing on Meulaboh but the reality is that there are thousands of people in smaller and more remote communities North and South who have not had any assistance since the quake. This is the urgent need to which The Electric Lamb Mission is working hard to respond, in effective, holistic, capacity-building, culture-sensitive and community-empowering ways. Posted today Until our arrival yesterday, this community had seen no aid at all, save for one insufficient food drop from a helicopter. We immediately brought them two small boats full of food, lamps (with kerosene), clothes, and hygiene supplies. They still have an urgent need for roofing iron, seeds, and more food, and we will continue to supply them in the future. Those that have survived to this point are reasonably healthy, although there is one suspected case of malaria. But there are many flags visible along the beach, marking the gruesome remains of the many victims still not

Urgently Needed

The Electric Lamb Mission: The Bridge of Boats to Aceh is currently loading the Batavia . If you can donate any aid material to be loaded in Jakarta today or Padang before 21st January, please click here for a complete list . If you would like to volunteer, please fill in this form . If you would like to donate money to this Mission, p lease click here for donation information. THANK YOU !

Sea Bridge to Aceh

The world is helping Banda Aceh city but the reality is that more people have been killed and displaced on the West Coast of Aceh than in the capital city. A thriving community of 15,000 has been very nearly erased. More than 6,000 are confirmed dead, over 4,000 are missing, 2,000 are living under tarps and and several thousand are camped in the hills terrified to return to ground zero. Food is desperately short, people are drinking river water and disease has depleted the meagre stock of drugs that have been air-dropped to the 20 or so overworked medics and aid workers in the area. The port infrastructure has vanished. The navy ships and chopper support are focusing on Meulaboh but the reality is that there are thousands of people in smaller and more remote communities North and South who have not had any assistance since the quake. Our mission is to build a Sea Bridge to Aceh, to reach the thousands who are homeless, hurt, hungry and traumatized. Original Sea Bridges web

Tsunami Impact on Indonesia

Economist Intelligence Unit [EIU] has release a report titled "Asia's tsunami: the impact" regarding the impact on the countries that hit by Tsunami. Go here for the press release: EIU Press Relase [12 Jan 2005] The key findings on Indonesia include: Indonesia 's economy will be less affected , with 2005 growth slipping from a forecast 5.7% previously to 5.4% now. The key challenge for Indonesia could be on the political front : dealing swiftly and efficiently with the disaster will be an important test for the new president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . Some form of debt relief will probably be part of the humanitarian response to the disaster. Indonesia could save as much as US$3.5bn in debt–service in 2005 . The full report is available free of charge and can be downloaded here: "Asia's tsunami: the impact" [PDF]

Aceh - Indonesian Military Website

Just in case anybody needed this. Indonesian Military has their own special website on Aceh termed: Komando Operasi - TNI NAD. Loosely translated as Operation Command - Indonesian National Military Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam [NAD] . The site can be found here: Currently they have their own updated news and information there [in Bahasa Indonesia].

Aceh Interactive Map [Flash]

Interactive map [flash] on Aceh with location names and population information can be found here: More links about various maps on Aceh can be found on this page: Aceh IT-Media Center - Map

Tsunami Victims Children Shelter

Announcement from Indonesian Social Welfare Ministry 's site [ ] about Children Shelter for children from the disaster areas, Aceh and North Sumatera provinces. Children Shelter - Social Welfare Department Jalan Williem Iskandar No.377 Medan, North Sumatera. Phone: 061-6613305 08129856067 08126076831 The shelter is intended for abandon children of earthquake and tsunami victims that lost their parents. The site also provide a link to a page about displaced and missing tsunami children information as well as adoption information . Adopsi, Pengasuhan dan Perwalian, serta Program Depsos Above page link to these two list: Displaced Children List Missing Children List The annoucement in Bahasa Indonesia: PENGUMUMAN Sehubungan dengan telah ditetapkannya Bencana Nasional atas terjadinya gempa bumi dan gelombang tsunami yang telah menelan ribuan umat manusia di Provinsi Nanggro

BuGils 5th Birthday Party

If you want to contribute to the relief of the Tsunami disaster, consider the following organizations. I know the people who work for them personally and I can assure you they are professionals who have many years of experience in Indonesia. T his coming Saturday (15th) is the BuGils Birthday Party in Taman Ria, Senayan. They will have an information desk where you can ask them more questions about their projects and also give a donation. Through the Indonesian Expat Newsletter they will give regular updates on how your money is spent and how their work is proceeding. For more information contact: Wouter Lindner Senior Advisor Grant Administration Helen Keller International Indonesia Office: +62-21-7199163 ext.301 Fax: +62-21-7198148 Maurice A. Bloem Regional Director Indonesia/Timor Leste Church World Service Indonesia Office: +62-21-7197929 Fax: +62-21-71799387 http://www.churc

Indonesian Tsunami Victims - 104.055 Dead

Tsunami victims data on January 10th 2005 . Source: Indonesian Ministry of Social Welfare [ DEPSOS ] For complete table data go here: Perkembangan Bencana di NAD dan Sumut District Dead Injured Missing Displaced ACEH PROVINCE Krueng Mane 117 - - - Bieuen 594 187 58 35.000 AcehTimur 894 - 143 22.000 AcehUtara 2.389 1.046 - 97.942 BandaAceh 20.066 - 279 27.980 Lhoksemawe 189 75 10 11.000 Pidie 1.359 - 229

UN Indonesia Media Centre

United Nations in Indonesia has open a Media Centre that provide information for journalists around the world regarding the efforts taken by all UN agencies in Indonesia in relation with the tsunami disaster. Use below address to direct your inquires, information requests, updates and news: United Nations Tsunami Relief Media Centre in Indonesia Glass Room, 7th Floor, Menara Thamrin, Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 3, Jakarta, Indonesia Phones: +62-21-314-0066, 315-3682, 314-0081 Fax: +62-21-314-0572 E-mail:

Tsunami Aid: A Guide to Giving

A useful article " Tsunami Aid: A Guide to Giving " from BusinessWeek Online on giving aid for tsunami victims and volunteering in disaster area. Complete article here: Tsunami Aid: A Guide to Giving Several pointers worth noted: Take time to learn more about where best to steer your money, on what it will be spent, and how long the recovery will take. Consider the timeline of need , millions are needed to cover immediate costs, but the cost of reconstruction will be even more staggering and may take years. Find out what kind of help is best needed for people on the ground. Cash is king , easily transferred and it lets the relief agencies purchase precisely what they need as it's required. ON VOLUNTEERING: Don't hop a plane just yet. How good your intentions , unattached volunteers will only add to the chaos. And for those with no prior experience, the opportunities to volunteer officially with aid agencies are very limited . The be

Field Situation Report Update 8 Jan 2004

The report is developed by the OCHA Office in Indonesia and based on various information from international and national organizations. Full report here: Indonesia – Earthquake and Tsunami: OCHA Field Situation Report Update No. 14 [ReliefWeb] Report includes: Current situation: victims number, health, education, shelter, logistics [air, sea and road operation] List of National Response List of International response Assistance required Assistance required [from the report]: The Department of Health (DoH) requests (08-01-05) the following items: oxygen, food for infant, medical team, nebulizer, suction, minor surgery set, serum anti tetanus, measles vaccines, antibiotics for ear, nose and throat, bronchoscope, intensive care unit supplies . DoH also mentioned that health service is urgently needed to be provided in Calang coastal area near Meulaboh . According to the USAID/DART team , there is a significant need of antibiotics, analgesics, tetanus toxoid

Understanding Aceh

Fascinating article about the fascinating Aceh by Greg Cruey in Asia for Visitors []. It provided background information about how Aceh is a fascinating place, covered questions such as " Why you've never heard of Aceh before ", and explained why for all the abundance natural beauty there Aceh will never be Phuket . Complete article here: Understanding Aceh Agam over at Agam's Gecko has additonal thoughts and insights here regarding the cultural and religious condition in Aceh.

Posko Location in Banda Aceh

Click on the picture for larger version. Above is Map of Aid Centers [POSKO] in Banda Aceh and its surrounding area. [Info from Aceh Media Center > Aceh Disaster Volunteers]

Italy Donation for Aceh Relief

Indonesian Embassy in Rome, Italy Transfer donation to: Name: Ambasciata della Republica d'Indonesiana Unicredit Banca - Roma Boncompagni Account no: 1037.3721 IBAN: IT 64 S ABI: 02008 Sport. CAB: 03212 Contact: Indonesian Embassy for Italy and Malta Via Campania 53-55 00187 Roma, Italy Phone: 482 59 51/53 Fax: 488 02 80

Today's Links on Tsunami

Tsunami Blog Roundup [Yahoo!] Resources on Asia's deadly tsunami [MSNBC] More: Link to this site found here: Pick of the day: 04.01.2005 [Guardian News Blog]

Multi Languages Aceh Updates, News and Information

Initiated by Pena Indonesia helped by the hard working translator volunteers came: Currently available in: Bahasa Indonesia , English , German and France Center for updated news and information about Aceh and North Sumatra Tsunami Victims from the ground zero. The information is updated in a timely manner so that the latest situation in devastated areas can be exposed to public. Pena Indonesia urges any concerned entities to cross-post and redistribute information and articles it is provided Freely redistributed, each transcription provided herein the site is available for public and any media, and may be redistributed, reprinted or quoted whithout any prior permission from Pena Indonesia .

Austria Donation for Aceh Relief

Sumbangan Bencana Alam Indonesian Embassy in Vienna, Austria Bank Austria Acc. no: 0020 76677 00 Bank Austria-Creditanstalt Bank Vereinz - Blz. 12000 Scotengasse 6, A - 1010 Wien More info: ps: Whose GREAT IDEA is it to put bank information in FLASH ANIMATION!???

Sweden Donation for Aceh Relief

Trough Indonesian Embassy in Sweden SE Banken National Disaster Aid Account No.: 5277 10 032 01 or Bank Giro: 5078-4735 in swedish: SE Banken National Disaster Aid Kontonummer: 5277 10 032 01 eller Bankgiro: 5078-4735 More info:

Czech Donation for Aceh Relief

Prague The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Prague No. Account : 479702433/0300 Variabel symbol: 11 Purpose of payment : TSUNAMI Bank: CSOB, Na Príkope 14, 115 20 Praha 1 Info:

Norway Donation for Aceh Relief

EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA – OSLO Norway Embassy’s account Den Indonesiske Ambassade Gange Rolvstgata 5, 0244 Oslo Den Norske Bank no. 7058.05.65539 Website: Donation info:

Finland Donation for Aceh Relief

KBRI Helsinki Sampo Bank No. 800014-1034018 Name: Dompet Bencana Alam Website KBRI ( )

Denmark Donation for Aceh Relief

PUNDI AMAL TSUNAMI Transfer to: Rekening "Indonesia Tsunami Fund" Danske Bank Hellerup Afdeling Strandvejen 80 2900 Hellerup Acc. no : 4001-706624 C/o Indonesian Embassy Ørehøj Alle 1 2900 Hellerup Cheques made payable to Indonesian Embassy-Copenhagen: Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia Ørehøj Alle 1 2900 Hellerup More info:

Slovakia Donation for Aceh Relief

Through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bratislava Name: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Bank: HVB Slovakia US Dollar account: 1226 – 028/8080 SK Crown account: 1226 – 001/8080 Info:

New Zealand Donation for Aceh Relief

Indonesian Embassy Tsunami Relief Bank of New Zealand 1 Williss Street, Wellington Account number 02 - 0500 031 7987 - 25 Conctact: The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia-Wellington 70 Glen Road, Kelburn P.O.Box 3543 Wellington - New Zealand E-mail : Fax (64-4) 4759374 Phone (64-4) 4758 697, 4758698, 4758699 Website:

Switzerland Donation for Aceh Relief

Make the donation to: Indonesische Botschaft Elfenauweg 51, 3006 Bern Acc. No. 235-920337.01W, Bank UBS 3001 Bern . Please put on the message: Erdbeben in Aceh und Nord Sumatera More info:

Australia Donation for Aceh Relief

INDONESIA TSUNAMI RELIEF FUND Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, Australia "Indonesia Tsunami Relief Fund" Commonwealth Bank of Australia Account no. 062900 10405448. More info:

Online Donation for Tsunami Relief Fund

The easiest way to send donation for the Tsunami victims is by donate money online . These are several links to international aid organizations that providing means to donate online: American Red Cross [ via Amazon ] CARE USA Disasters Emergency Committee MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES | Doctors Without Borders SAVE THE CHILDREN - Help Children and Families Affected by Earthquake and Tsunami in Southern Asia OXFAM Islamic Relief [ in US ]


The death toll from the earthquake, the tsunamis and the resultant floods was reported to be more than 158,000 , with tens of thousands of people reported missing, and over a million left homeless. Almost 100,000 reported dead is in Indonesia (Aceh and North Sumatra) If you have difficulty to imagine 150,000 dead victims, Todd here have a pointer: What does 150,000 look like » Donate to Tsunami Relief. Now. All the information on how to make the donation is available on this site. Start with the right navigation column.


Ten days after the earthquake there has only been minimal international aid arriving in the island of Nias . Of the few that has arrived the most that can be done was only in the form of area surveys. Nias is located 125 km off west Sumatera Island on the Indian Ocean, part of North Sumatera Province also hit by Tsunami, the number of dead or missing victims is not as great as in Aceh but the situation is not better, houses, boats destroyed leaving more than 6000 families homeless . Reported in 3rd Jan that: NO FORM OF OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL AID WHATSOEVER HAS ARRIVED ON NIAS. More info about and on how to help NIAS here: More about Situation in Nias [3 January 2005] UPDATE 06/01/2005: As informed by one of the comment, some help and fundraising effort for Nias and the other island chains on the west of Sumatra is on going. More information here: Sumatran Surfariss


WALHI [Indonesian Forum for the Environment and Friends of the Earth Indonesia] as a part of Indonesian Civil Society Coalition for the Victims of Earthquake and Tsunami [these organizations included: Walhi, Aceh Kita, Kontras, AWG-Aceh Working Group] has launch a 2nd appeal for Indonesian Tsunami victims. More info about this here: 2nd Donation Appeal for Indonesian Tsunami Victims For information, call our Jakarta HOTLINE at : +62-21-794 1672 Donations received via this channels: » UNITED STATES , trough Global Greengrants Fund [receives credit cards on-line, wire transfer, checks, stock and more] donate here Contact: Chet Tchozewski » EUROPEAN COUNTRIES , FoEE account Friends of the Earth Europe (Belgium) BIC Code: KREDBEBB IBAN: BE02 4279 1524 2140 Please mark the transfer with "TSUNAMI"! Additional information (normally not needed for Euro-transfers):

Volunteers Needed in TANJUNG PRIOK Jakarta

Volunteers needed in Tanjung Priok to sort out tons of donation material. Dermaga Komando Lintas Laut Militer [KOLINLAMIL] Location: Pos 9 Pelabuhan Tanjung priok For volunteers contact: Letkol Edi - HP. 08176358841 Kapten Hadi - HP. 0818498854

Telkom TOLL FREE Operational

TELKOM CONTACT CENTER TOLL FREE [BEBAS PULSA]: 0 800 100 70000 Sumber data dan informasi [ data and information source ]: Dinas Kominfo Sumut yg dlm kaitan ini berperan sebagai Kasatgas dokumen & penerangan penanggulangan bencana Situs (situs kominfo nasional) Update recovery fastel di wilayah Aceh dari posko TELKOM divre 1 di Medan dan More: New website maintained by TELKOM Team and PT Virtual is up and running. Content available: news and information about Aceh recovery. Info from:

24 hours HOTLINE PMI [Indonesian Red Cross]

Tersedia layanan HOTLINE PMI 24 jam. Telepon : +6221-794 4588, +6221-794 4559, +6221-799 2325 ext. 402 Menyediakan: Perkembangan terakhir di lokasi gempa [ updated news in the disaster locations ] Informasi rekrutmen relawan [ volunteers recruitment ] Menyalurkan kepeduliannya [ donation and aid ] Contact: Kantor Pusat PMI Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav.96 Jakarta Selatan. Facsimile : +6221 – 794 4663 Rmail : More about Tsunami and Earthquake in Sumatra contact Disaster Division [Divisi Bencana]: Ka. Divisi Penanggulangan Bencana, Irman Rachman, HP 0811-1956377 Divisi Humas [Public Relation], Aswi Nugroho, HP 0811918034 POSKO PMI telp : 021- 794 4588, 021- 794 4559, 021-7992325 ext. 402 email, More info here .

FREE Internet Access in Banda Aceh Post Office

FREE Internet Access in available in Banda Aceh Post Office ( Priority: PRESS Posko2/Relawan [aid centers and volunteers] Maximum usage: 30 minutes More info: Sekretariat Tim IT-Media Centre Aceh Jl. Sudirman no 51 , Ketapang Informasi: Valens Riyadi (+62-651-740-5908) UPDATE: 18:14 Two additional Internet Access Points has been established: Perumahan pimpinan BRI JL. Jendral Sudirman Posko Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) di daerah Lambatang [or Leung Bata] (eks showroom toyota) UPDATE: 05/01/2005 Info from comment: The internet connection is re-established by IT KPU-HMI Team . The team also gives all efforts to open some isolated areas by installing satelite telephones. Their latest progress report is posted in: or Some phone numbers in Aceh which can be contacted are: "0868-121-29187" Lamno, aceh jaya "0868-121-29190" Meulaboh

Bloggers Without Borders

To get outside donation or missing person links/information in Aceh [Indonesia] for a moment. Introducing: Bloggers Without Borders | Blogueurs Sans Frontières A citizen journalism hub, dedictated to raising conscience for, and about, events around the world . Their first project is to collect donation for tsunami relief Well IMO this idea is due. Bloggers never have any borders anyway! :)

Aceh Victims Lists / Database

Daftar (yang bisa disearch) nama dan lokasi korban-korban di Aceh. Here are some websites that provides list and searchable Tsunami Aceh victims names and location : Daftar korban sementara [searchable database], status: selamat, luka-luka, meninggal. [ save, injure, dead ] Daftar Nama masyarakat (dan statusnya) Kabupaten Aceh Tengah. [ list of people in Center Aceh District ] [ The system is there, but not much of data there yet ] KORBAN GEMPA.COM Missing Persons - Search or submit [including photos] the person you are looking for [Aceh Media Center] POSKO INFORMASI ORANG HILANG [Aceh and Jakarta]: Posko Penanganan Anak Hilang di Banda Aceh Telp 065121368 Saiful Amri 08126929478 Hidayat 081360123743 Posko People Crisis Center Jalan Simpang Surabaya Banda Aceh telp 0651 7407479 hp.0815 33771 LSM

Taiwan Donation for Aceh Relief

Indonesian Economic And Trade Office To Taipei Phone: +8862 8712 4570 - 74 Contact person: Ferry Yahya

More about volunteering to Aceh:

More information about volunteering to Aceh Medical experts who know how to do triage / use first aid and are able to act as interpreters for foreign doctor being brought in to assist the PMI (Indonesian red cross) should send their CVs to : Ibu Rina via fax (021) 799 5188 . Other general volunteers [peace core level trained people], send fax to Walhi Evang on (021)794 1673 . { prepared for exceptional physical and emotional hardship ) Other contact person for volunteers who WISH TO DEPART TO ACEH: Contact Metro TV (Mr. Ori Buchory 0816.483 9056 atau 3192 2515) . For all disaster regions, offered your help here:

Skilled Volunteers For ACEH

Medesins Sans Frontieres (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders ( ) needed skilled volunteers to be sent to ACEH. If you or your friends have these skill and is willing to depart to Aceh, contact MSF Jakarta Office in +62 21 719 5947. Contact person Mr. Jean Pletinx (HP 0819 193 92820) : Skills required: Dokter, mantri, atau suster. Medical doctors, nurses (preferred to have public health experience: PUSKESMAS) Psikiater. Psychiatry . Tenaga engineering bidang pengairan. Water Resource/Quality Engineer Tenaga engineering sipil. Civil Engineer . Tenaga administrasi untuk logistik & keuangan. Financial/Logistics Administrator .

Volunteers Needed (Jakarta) - SUKARELAWAN!

For volunteers who WISH TO DEPART TO ACEH, please contact Metro TV (Mr. Ori Buchory 0816.483 9056 atau 3192 2515). For those of you in Jakarta you can donate your time to be a volunteers in this basecamps: Basecamp Jl. Proklamasi no. 53 (across Tugu Proklamasi monument, ex BMW showroom). Contact person: Dina, no.hp: 0815.1014.3623) Basecamp Jl. Pejaten Raya no. 5 (from Republika intersection mampang, head to pejaten â?? from kuningan, take a left turn at Republika intersection â?? about five houses from the intersection, right side of the street) CP : wahyudin 081808602778 or Adi 081808489096 What you will require to do there: Sorting food supplies , medicines, blankets, and clothes. Clothes need to be sorted into categories: women's, children's, men's, babies'. Carrying boxes , packing, labeling, registration. Loading and unloading boxes from/into trucks/cargo, from basecamps to the airport/harbor/warehouse/hercules. Data input , postin

The National Next Of Kin Registry

The National Next Of Kin Registry would like to inform those who have family members visiting or living in the Asian quake Tsunamis area to visit the National Next Of Kin Registry website , to register vital information about their family members in the event this information is needed by the authorities or search and rescue teams. If you have a photograph please upload this on the registration page as this also helps in the identification process. NOKR search information has also been provided to the US State Department as well as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia , Maldives, Malaysia, Tanzania and Somalia authorities. The National Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) is a new high-speed solution to locating your Next Of Kin in urgent situations. NOKR is designed as an emergency contact system to help if you or your family member is missing, critically injured or deceased. NOKR is a free service to the public as well as the Local and State agencies using the sea

The latest report from BAKORNAS PBP

The latest report from Indonesian National Coordinating Agency for Natural Disaster and Refugees Relief (Bakornas PBP) has included an english section . The latest daily report can be found here: Bulletin No : 8, 31 Des 2004 Summary: The death toll reach 79,940 people, where another 1,240 reported missing. The number of outpatient is 1,602 patients, and inpatient is 381 patients. Displaced people until 30th December 2004 20:00 hours is 108,083 (source: Ministry of Health)