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Monday, January 03, 2005

Bloggers Without Borders

To get outside donation or missing person links/information in Aceh [Indonesia] for a moment.

Introducing: Bloggers Without Borders | Blogueurs Sans Frontières

A citizen journalism hub, dedictated to raising conscience for, and about, events around the world. Their first project is to collect donation for tsunami relief

Well IMO this idea is due. Bloggers never have any borders anyway! :)

Aceh Victims Lists / Database

Daftar (yang bisa disearch) nama dan lokasi korban-korban di Aceh. Here are some websites that provides list and searchable Tsunami Aceh victims names and location:
  • Missing Persons - Search or submit [including photos] the person you are looking for [Aceh Media Center]


Posko Penanganan Anak Hilang di Banda Aceh
  • Telp 065121368
  • Saiful Amri 08126929478
  • Hidayat 081360123743

Posko People Crisis Center
Jalan Simpang Surabaya Banda Aceh
  • telp 0651 7407479
  • hp.0815 33771

LSM Save the Children of Aceh
Khatib 08126981050

Posko Mencari Informasi Keluarga Media Center Puspen TNI
Penanggung jawab Kolonel DJ Nachrowi Mabes TNI, Cilangkap Jakarta
  • Telp 021 - 84595575
  • Telp 021 - 84595576

Posko TNI Banda Aceh

Posko TNI Lhokseumawe
Telp. 0645 630935

Tali Kasih Keluarga Korban – Kantor berita Radio 68H
Mesin pencatat SMS: 0812 1188 181

Taiwan Donation for Aceh Relief

Indonesian Economic And Trade Office To Taipei

Phone: +8862 8712 4570 - 74
Contact person: Ferry Yahya