2 year anniversary of Indonesian (Aceh & Nias) Tsunami

Feels like yesterday, but it actually has been 2 years since the deadly natural disaster attacked.

Two years also this blog has been running, on and off, trying to gives the most updated information on disasters and aid information in Indonesia.

Since then Indonesia has been hit by Pangandaran Tsunami (West Java) and Yogyakarta Earthquake with great deal people has become victims and displace from their home.

But for now, let us remember the deadly tsunami that attacked Aceh and Nias two years ago, and evaluate how far the Indonesian government and the people of Aceh has bounce back from it.

For some times now Aceh and Nias rehabilitation and reconstruction effort has been under an agency called BRR (Badan Rekontruksi dan Rehabilitasi Aceh-Nias), where you can find their official website here: www.brr.go.id

The site has a dedicated page for 2006 Commemoration where there you can find:
  • Also find Event Schedule, Media Contact Info and Photos & Videos on the page

Check out also UN Office of the Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery website here: http://www.tsunamispecialenvoy.org

Some numbers:
  • 15,000 transitional houses built
  • 57,000 permanent houses will be built by the end of 2006 in Aceh and Nias
  • 623 permanent schools in Aceh and 124 in Nias built/repaired, supplemented by 379 temporary schools
  • More than 1 million cubic metres waste cleared and processed, including reclaimed rubble for 52km road and almost 17,400 m3 reusable/recyclable timber
  • 1,200 km of all type of roads in Aceh and 300 km in Nias have been built/repaired.
  • 121 bridges in Aceh and 37 in Nias have been repaired
  • More than 50,000 ha of agricultural land have been rehabilitated


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