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Friday, June 02, 2006

Java Quake Google Earth Overlay

From Global Connection - Indonesia Earthquake

Load the Google Earth dynamic overlay, generated by the Global Connection project. These maps are from DLR's Center for Satellite-based Crisis Information and contain 0.7 meter Digital Globe imagery and 1 meter IKONOS imagery of Bantul.

To use the Google Earth dynamic overlay:
  • If you do not have Google Earth installed, it's a free download from
  • Click on the above link to load into Google Earth.
  • As you navigate to the area affected by the earthquake, you'll see the overlay appear. After you zoom or scroll and stop motion for about a second, Google Earth will automatically load the correct sections of the map. As you zoom in, the map overlays will become more detailed


At 8:42 PM, Blogger fallout said...

The sad thing about the service it's it's lack of hi-res images from parts of Europe were I'd personally need it... Maybe in the near future.


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