WHO Situation Report - Yogyakarta and Central Java Earthquake

  • WHO has taken the lead on the organization of coordination meetings and the formation of the Health Cluster that will serve as an information sharing and management mechanism.
  • A Health Emergency Information and Operations Unit (HEIOU) has been established in Sarjito Hospital in Yogyakarta.
  • WHO/Ministry of Health has established a Logistics Hub in the Yogyakarta airport in cooperation with the National Crisis Management
  • An Early Warning and Outbreak Control Network (Disease Surveillance) is being established in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Gadja Mada University.

Number of Dead and Injured

  • Death 4273
  • Number of Injured In Patient 13622
  • Number of Injured Out Patient 7878

Location Central Java
  • Death 1141
  • Number of Injured In Patient 4896 10582
  • Number of Injured Out Patient 10582

  • Death 5414
  • Number of Injured In Patient 18518
  • Number of Injured Out Patient 18460

Priority Needs
  • Shelters and tents are needed around hospitals for discharged patients
  • Mapping of specific health needs has not yet been conducted
  • Orthopedic supplies (plate, splint, etc)
  • Specific antibiotics for open fractures
  • Field hospital for reconstruction after orthopedic surgery
  • Support for an expected 5000 orthopedic and trauma-related cases
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