2006 West Java Tsunami Simulation


Click here if you can't see the simulation.

The paper accompanying the simulation prepared by Hamzah Latief, Aditya Riadi, Dodi Zulkarnaen from Dept. of Oceanography, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) and Tsunami Research Group, Center for Coastal and Marine Development, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), INDONESIA is available for download here: "Preliminary Result of the 2006 West Java Tsunami Simulation" (.pdf)


jamaludin mohyiddin said…
To be honest with you I do not follow up the latest news and development for the establishment of a tsunami warning and mitigation system in the Indonesian ocean.
The most recent tsunami created by earthquake, not that far from the Christmas Island and its subsequent tragic disaster onto the Pengandaran coastline triggers this email to you.

Could you please enlighten me on what is the latest news and information on the establishment of a tsunami warning and mitigation system within Indonesia. If
I am not mistaken, there was a professor from ITB, I simply can not recall his name, mentioned in a forum that Indonesia up to that time has not able to install this system. He did point out factors of why such
failure occured, unfortunately I did not pay attention then. I really appreciate if you could enumerate these factors. and at the same time please inform me what has been done, of course by the government, toward implementing such an

February last year at the Tsunami Donor Conference sponsored by ASEAN and took placed in Jakarta, SBY mentioned that "Indonesia and other neighboring countries plan to set up an early warning to prevent natural disasters, including earthquake and tsunamis, this would be a kind of pre-emptive measure."

The Jakarta Post today, Today, July 18th, stressed the need for early tsunami warning and monitoring system. In that piece, it contains two important points that going to have policy implication on the part of the Indonesian government. The first point is "....without an automated system in place to pass the message on to villagers via loudspeakers on beaches or mobile phone text messages, the evacuation of significant numbers of people would have been unlikely." The other point is that " In Sumatra, two buoys have been placed in the ocean containing equipment able to detect whether a tsunami has been triggered and transmit the information to a land station. However, sirens on beaches or in villages have yet to be set up there either."

I appreciate if you provide me
certain websites or reference persons so that I could gather more information on this particular issue- installation of early tsunami and monitoring system.

If I am not mistaken the Japanese society enjoys and benefits from a such very solid advanced warning
system that tremendously improve their chance to minimise any casualties. Of course such a benefit
should be extended to Indonesian people, and the Indonesian government should takes concrete steps toward such goal.
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