Indonesian Quake Updated News:

Monday, July 17, 2006

Series of Earthquakes in Indonesia

Today, 17 July 2006, series of earthquakes attacked Indonesia the southern part of Indonesia, approximately south of Java Island after an earlier earthquakes in South Sumatra all with magnitudes of 5+.

The biggest one (Mag 7.1) creates a 2m waves and official has reported 5 casualties.

Earthquakes information from USGS:

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP5.9 2006/07/17 11:07:37 -9.486 107.732 40.7SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA
MAP5.4 2006/07/17 10:44:37 -9.043 107.777 40.4SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA
MAP6.0 2006/07/17 10:09:09 -8.860 107.799 20.0JAVA, INDONESIA
MAP6.1 2006/07/17 09:13:10 -9.133 107.653 46.6SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA
MAP5.7 2006/07/17 09:05:18 -9.798 107.961 10.0SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA
MAP7.1 2006/07/17 08:19:31 -9.295 107.347 48.6SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA
MAP5.3 2006/07/17 05:32:28 -4.908 102.134 20.7SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA


At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Raj said...

Are those earthquakes in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and surrounding areas due to nuke tests?

As I recally the French had conducted several underwater nuke tests. Further, the Chiense has conducted a number of atmospheric nuke tests.

Are the French and Chinese hypocrites?

Should we believe the press release put out by various govenments?

At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My best wishes with the people of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and nations affected by recent earthquakes and tsunamis.

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