Donation by SMS

Easy way to help the disaster victims without have to get up from your seat.

» For XL [exelcomindo] users, since 30 Dec 2004, you can just send an SMS (named SMS Aceh Donation) to help relieved disaster victims in Aceh and North Sematera

  • Prepaid (Jempol & Bebas) : Rp. 5.000/SMS
  • Postpaid (Xplor) : Rp. 5.000/SMS
Just type: ACEH and send it to no: 5000

So if you want to donate, say, Rp 500,000 that means good luck sending 100 sms's

For more information: [Bahasa Indonesia]

» For Telkomsel (Kartu Halo, Simpati, Kartu As), and Telkom Flexi (Flexi Classy dan Flexi Trendy), send SMS to number 2000, with "Peduli Aceh" on the message.

You are donating Rp 2000 for each SMS.

» For IM3 users send SMS to no 5000 and put "Aceh" on the message to send Rp 5000 as donation for each message.


koen said…
Untuk customer Telkomsel (Kartu Halo, Simpati, Kartu As), dan Telkom Flexi (Flexi Classy dan Flexi Trendy), kirimkan SMS ke nomor 2000, dengan pesan "Peduli Aceh". Dengan SMS ini, Anda sedang menyumbangkan Rp 2000 untuk korban gempa dan tsunami di Aceh.
Anonymous said…
IM3, send Aceh [message] to 5000. this will donate Rp 5000.

Can be verified after sending at

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