Jambi Aid Center (POSKO)

Yayasan SIKOK, dan PKBI Jambi.
Jl. Kapt. M. Daud No 48 Jambi


Anonymous said…
Looking for Michael Wibowo and Trifera Jo. Were visiting family in Indonesia/Malaysia from Cincinnati Ohio USA. Possibly in Jambi. Please provide any available information
Anonymous said…
Michael Wibowo and Trifera jo are safe and home ~ Praise God!!
Anonymous said…
Michael Wibowo and Trifera Jo are safely home ~ Praise God!!
Anonymous said…
Is there an Indonesian list of victims (foreigners)of the Tsunamies?

I've been looking for my father since December but can't find anything like what Thailand has for Indonesia. Replies to: meg12247@aol.com
Anonymous said…
Dad I've been looking for you since December. My father is Austrian, 60 years old, blondish hair, mustache,blue eyes, married to an Indonesian.

Dad if you read this please get in touch with me immediately at : pj_stieglmayr@yahoo.com

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