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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Tsunami Aid: A Guide to Giving

A useful article "Tsunami Aid: A Guide to Giving" from BusinessWeek Online on giving aid for tsunami victims and volunteering in disaster area.

Complete article here: Tsunami Aid: A Guide to Giving

Several pointers worth noted:
  • Take time to learn more about where best to steer your money, on what it will be spent, and how long the recovery will take.
  • Consider the timeline of need, millions are needed to cover immediate costs, but the cost of reconstruction will be even more staggering and may take years.
  • Find out what kind of help is best needed for people on the ground.
  • Cash is king, easily transferred and it lets the relief agencies purchase precisely what they need as it's required.
  • ON VOLUNTEERING: Don't hop a plane just yet. How good your intentions, unattached volunteers will only add to the chaos. And for those with no prior experience, the opportunities to volunteer officially with aid agencies are very limited. The best way to help is to train as a volunteer during nonemergency times.
  • Donate to legitimate charity agencies only. Check it out first.
  • Keep records of any charitable donation you make, particularly for those made online.


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