Yogyakarta Earthquake: Some Videos

Taken from Herman Saksono Blog.

Herman Saksono is Yogyakarta based blogger, he wrote on his post that after the initial earthquake around 6.00 am local time, there was some aftershock quakes at 10.15 am and 11.00am and several weaker earthquakes.

There was some rumors about Tsunami as well that create panic reaction in Yogyakarta area.

Electricity was down for several hours and coming back around noon.

The south area of Yogyakarta experienced the most damages, mostly in the form of collapsing walls.

In the Kotagede (south Yogyakarta) area, Herman's uncle can't reach to the main road because his small road (gang) is fill with debris.

Here are some videos he took in Yogyakarta North Ring Road of Tsunami rumors panic reaction and other situation in Yogyakarta.

More on his post.


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