Yogyakarta Earthquake Victims Reported 2,458 Dead

Info from News.Jogja.com

Data victims until 16.30 local time today from Satkorlak DIY [Yogyakarta's Coordinator Body ] reported 2,458 killed with location details:
  • Yogyakarta 101 dead
  • Kulonprogo 7 dead
  • Gunungkidul 27 dead
  • Sleman 55 dead
  • Bantul 2.090 dead
  • Klaten 175 dead
  • Boyolali 2 dead
Number of victims predicted to increase, specially in Bantul area, the nearest town to the epicenter, of the earthquake suffer the most destruction with condition describe as "flat to the ground".

City of Bantul official website: Bantul.go.id has no updates about the earthquake at the moment.


Bunyamin Najmi said…
Let’s help the victims...
Anonymous said…
I was planning on visiting Indonesia during the next few months. Does anybody know how I can help?

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